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Full stream ahead: The future of movies, TV and video at home

As more of our media moves online, Australians will be presented with more and more options for streaming video content. 

From feature movies, to current TV shows, right through to vlogs and creator-made content, it's all going to end up coming over our broadband pipes, or over the digital airwaves. Streaming is the future, and it can allow you to watch what you want, when you want, even where you want. All you need is a screen, a connected device, a fast broadband connection, and enough monthly data to cover your usage.

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    Keeping up with connectivity

    As more of our media movies online, fast broadband connections will be needed to keep up. Part of that will come from wholesale speeds over the nbn™ network, but some of it will be in your own home. Check out these articles for tips on home network management, and info on how the nbn™ network works. You can also check out our nbn 101 homepage for more guides and information.