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How to relocate your nbn® connection to a new address.

The status of the nbn connection and how you connect to the nbn network at your new address may be different to your current location. 

If you’re planning on moving premises soon, it’s worth preparing before you relocate to help minimise disruption to your internet service. 

Start by checking your new address

Check your address to find out if the nbn network is available at your new home.

The nbn network is not currently available in your new building. 

The nbn network is planned for this address.

There’s still work to do before your new premises is ready to connect.

We expect to have more detailed information soon in regards to the connection of your new premises.

The nbn network is not currently available at your new premises.

nbn’s New Developments team are continuing to work with the developer to roll out the nbn network at your location.

nbn’s New Developments team are continuing to work with the developer to roll out the nbn network at your location.

Contact a phone or internet provider and order an nbn powered plan at your new premises.

Good news, your new premises is connected to services over the nbn network.

Contact a phone or internet provider and order an nbn powered plan at your new premises.

Prepare for your move by checking the nbn supplied equipment at your new premises

As your new address has previously been connected to the nbn network, ask your real estate agent or the current occupant to confirm whether the nbn supplied equipment is still at your new property.

The nbn equipment is registered to the specific address so it's important to remember to also leave the nbn equipment at your current address when you move out.

Template email to send to your agent

Dear [Agent Name],

I will be moving in to [Address] on [Date], which I [have purchased/am leasing] through you. 

Can you please confirm whether the previous occupant has left the nbn supplied equipment at the premises? 

The nbn supplied equipment for this technology type includes the nbn utility box, nbn connection box and a power supply. There may also be a battery backup unit.
The nbn supplied equipment includes the nbn connection box (sometimes referred to as a Network Connection Device). It may be connected to a power supply.
The nbn supplied equipment includes the nbn connection box (sometimes referred to as a Network Termination Device).
The nbn supplied equipment includes the nbn outdoor antenna, nbn connection box (sometimes referred to as a Network Termination Device) and power supply unit.
The nbn supplied equipment includes the satellite dish and nbn connection box (sometimes referred to as a Network Termination Device).

The nbn supplied equipment usually has an nbn logo on it.

Please note that this is a legal requirement as the equipment is owned by nbn and forms part of the nbn network.

If the above action is not taken, there may be a delay in installing my nbn network connection if it has been removed. Could you please confirm it is still at the premises before I move in?


[Your name]

Three things to keep in mind

Moving Home Checklist

  • I’ve checked that my new address can connect to the nbn network.
  • I’ve checked what nbn supplied equipment is available at my new address.
  • I’ve chosen a speed and internet plan via my preferred phone and internet provider that best suits my needs.
  • I’ve contacted my preferred phone and internet provider to book my move.
  • I’ve confirmed with my equipment providers that services such as security, medical and fire alarms, will work on my chosen nbn powered plan.
  • I’ve notified my phone and internet provider of when I’d like to disconnect the service at my old address. I understand that my existing services, including any medical alarms, may not work during this time and I have a charged mobile phone on hand in case of an emergency.
  • I’ve left any nbn supplied equipment at my old address.
  • I’ve made arrangements to be at home for the installation (if required).

Frequently asked questions

If your address doesn’t appear when you check your address, or if you would like to request an additional connection on a property with more than one residence such as a granny flat, you will need to contact a phone and internet provider. They will then contact nbn to assist in making these changes.

As part of the process, your provider may request information such as the coordinates of the property you wish to connect, and proof that the property is occupied.

 It will depend on the technology type and existing setup at your new address. Your phone and internet provider will be able to provide details about the expected timeframe for connecting your new home to the nbn network. 

If your new home was previously connected to the nbn network, and the nbn supplied equipment is still there, your phone and internet provider may be able to activate your service remotely without a technician appointment. In some cases, a technician may be required, and someone over 18 may need to be at home to allow the installation to go ahead.

Registered cablers can perform in-home cabling work if you choose to change the location of the nbn connection box, or the supplied equipment is in the wrong location.

If the nbn equipment needs to be moved or removed as part of your premises being renovated, you can find out more from the nbn website page below.

As changes to rental properties require consent, we suggest checking with your landlord first. Please keep in mind the type of nbn technology avaliable will determine the necessary hardware installation.

If your nbn supplied equipment is missing, please reach out to your phone and internet provider and let them know. They can arrange for the equipment to be replaced, and may be able to offer different options for this depending on the circumstances of your premises, such as sending replacement nbn equipment to you to plug in to install. In some cases, a technician may be required, and someone over 18 may need to be at home to allow the installation to go ahead.

Talk to your phone and internet provider to find out about any potential fees 

If you're moving to a recently built property that hasn't had a fixed internet connection before, an additional $300 New Developments Charge may apply. In accordance with Australian Government policy, nbn is required to charge a one-time fee of $300 (incl. GST) to phone and internet providers that place an order for an nbn service to a new development (providers may choose to pass the charge onto their customers). This charge is not applicable in nbn Fixed Wireless and Satellite areas.

You will need to call your equipment provider/manufacturer to check that your equipment will work over the nbn network.

Your existing services may not work until you are connected to the nbn network at your new premises; this may also affect your medical alarm depending on the type of alarm you have. Please keep a charged mobile phone on hand in case of emergency. After completing the installation at your new address, check to make sure all of your existing services are still working and if not, contact your phone and internet provider immediately for advice.

If your new home is covered by our Fixed Wireless or Satellite network, you have the option to keep any existing home phone line that is currently in place. Please ensure you speak to your provider about any existing home phone line and it’s important to consider keeping it in service for emergency communications, especially if you don’t have reliable mobile phone coverage at your home or business.

As a reminder, the nbn equipment belongs to the premises it was originally installed in and should remain there when you move, however if you have taken it accidently and want to return it to nbn, it's easy. You can return it directly to us so it can be re-used in another premises. This is a great way to contribute to saving the planet from increasing landfill.

We have partnered with Australia Post allowing for devices to be sent back to us with a label you can access online at no cost to you. Simply follow the link below to print a return label and read the instructions on how to return the equipment.