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business nbn®
readiness tool


Create a tailored checklist for connecting to services over the nbn network

Preparing to connect to services over the nbn network can be a complex process for some businesses. 

Answer this short questionnaire to receive a preparation guide that’s tailored to your needs and will include:

What you need to think about prior to connection
What to expect on the day of installation based on the technology available at your location
Common connection tips

Step {{step}}: To get started please enter the address of your business site.
Step {{step}}: Please select the technologies/systems/devices that apply to your business.
Step {{step}}: Please select the premises type that applies to your business.
Step {{step}}
Use the map below to locate your business site

An existing provider delivers a fibre network in this area. For specific information on how to connect your premises contact the existing provider.


Stand-alone property
Shared building


business nbn™ readiness tool

Your guide to getting ready.

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