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Further information for enabling the construction industry and advancing local government collaboration.

Designers and installers

When you become an nbn® trained New Developments supplier - designer or installer, you will learn how to enhance your design and installation skills for new developments connecting to the nbn® broadband access network.

It’s just one of the ways you can future-proof your skills, support developers with their applications and help promote high-quality standards within the wider industry.

Registered cablers

Registered cablers have the capability to make certain changes to the nbn® connection box within residential and small business premises.

Expert in-home cabling work is strongly recommended as it can allow property owners to purposely select the location of the nbn connection box which may lead to improved connectivity and data.

Local governments

Assist in the planning process and discover how councils can work with nbn to facilitate the rollout of fast broadband in local communities.

Local governments and developers

Where feasible, local government and property developers can co-develop with nbn, often leading to less impact and cost to communities.