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Changing technologies and the nbn® network

We’re changing the nbn network in certain locations.

This means that some premises will need to transition from their original nbn technology to a new nbn technology.

Please keep in mind that your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn access network, depends on a number of factors including both the original nbn technology and the new nbn technology at your location, your phone and internet provider, your chosen broadband plan and the equipment used to connect your premises.

Your phone and internet provider will be in touch if the original nbn technology at your location is being changed. There will be no additional cost from nbn to make this transition.

Information about the transition process:

You will have a minimum of
18 months to transition from your original nbn technology to a new nbn technology.

Your phone and internet provider and nbn will send notices so that you will know when you can transition to a plan based on the new nbn technology.

When you receive that notice, you can contact your phone and internet provider about switching your existing nbn powered plan to a plan based on the new nbn technology.

Your phone and internet service provider will guide you through the process.

They can advise of any new connection devices your premises may need for your new nbn technology and book an appointment for you with an nbn approved technician.

Additional work may be required to complete your transition.

Please ensure someone is on the premises so an nbn approved technician can install any new devices. The type of device and the amount of work required will depend on the new nbn technology.

To see if we’re changing the original nbn technology at your location please enter your address: