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Thirteen freaky flicks to stream for Halloween

Ready to get your spook on? Here are some frightening flicks available on your streaming service. 

Halloween is not a long-standing tradition in Australia, but nonetheless it's becoming increasingly popular. And why not… who doesn’t love dressing up and cruising the streets for candy (whoops – lollies)?

Get in the spirit of this day by grabbing the popcorn, building a blanket fort and streaming something spooky.

Here are some of our recommendations for Halloween movies on some of Australia’s different video streaming services. 

Warning! Some of these films are not for the faint-of-heart, or for children, so check the ratings if you are prone to nightmares or have little ones around.

Netflix Australia 

The Conjuring 

Horror movies are always scarier when they are based on a true story.

This one has all the ingredients – a great big house, a terrified family and a paranormal presence that gets a real buzz out of making their lives extremely unpleasant.

The real family from the story stuck around and lived in the home for ten years… perhaps they couldn’t find a buyer?

The Woman in Black 

This is the kind of film that lingers in your mind, The Woman in Black stars Daniel Radcliffe and a cursed village in a remote part of England.

Based on a 1983 novella, this flick is scariest for parents thanks to the title character’s particularly evil vendetta.

It has some good value shock moments for lovers of all things scary.  

Scary Movie 

If you’re a little too squeamish for the real stuff, stream a spoof movie and get the best of both worlds.

The Scary Movie flicks are light-hearted and fun while still putting you in the mood for Halloween by incorporating lots of references to memorable thrillers.

Just keep in mind that, while these movies are comedies, you might still want to check their ratings and content before sharing them with the family.

Interview with the Vampire 

Way back in the day, before it was cool, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise did a vampire movie.

Pitt played a tormented but still handsome member of the undead community, while Cruise was his ever irritating vampire mentor. The two really sank their teeth into the roles.

Relive this now classic film, which also features a very young Kirsten Dunst.


Planet Terror 

Zombies are pretty scary, but losing your leg and replacing it with a machine gun so that you can fight them all off is a unique way to lighten the tone.

This tongue-in-cheek horror flick, directed by Robert Rodriguez, will gross you out more than it will freak you out.


It’s hard to find these classic 90s horror flicks on streaming services, but Stan has the fourth instalment, starring Neve Campbell as poor old Sidney Prescott, the horror story victim who really, really can’t catch a break. 


A strict fitness regime and the all-important ‘double tap’ are what helps the few remaining people in Zombieland survive after a terrible virus takes over the population.

Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone star in this funny frightener. There’s also a cameo from none other than Bill Murray, just in case you’re a fan.


Presto might be on its way out, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some Halloween fun while it's still around.

The Sixth Sense 

The ultimate suspense pic, 1999’s Sixth Sense brought together action legend Bruce Willis and the talented Haley Joel Osment for a nail-biting thriller.

Young Cole is a kid with a problem that’s a little outside what you might remember from your childhood. His ghostly visions were really getting him down until a caring psychiatrist stepped in to help.

But … all was not what it seemed! Halloween is the perfect time to relive this classic scary movie.  

Sweeney Todd 

Music, meat pies… and murder.

Based on the classic stage opera, Sweeney Todd is a far cry from The Sound of Music.

Starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter, this gothically gruesome movie is perfect for Halloween as well as a sing-a-long.

The Others 

More thriller than terror, The Others will still have you on the edge of your seat.

Following the big scary house theme, The Others features Nicole Kidman as Grace, mother to two small children, who find themselves in a pickle when some unwelcome guests come to stay.

Foxtel Play 

The Cabin in the Woods 

Australia’s own Chris Hemsworth stars in 2012’s horror flick with a twist.

This film starts with the classic plot of teens journeying to a remote cabin for a weekend away.

They get more than they bargained for when they realise that they’re sharing their holiday accommodation with the undead.

And then there’s the rest…

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter 

Want to get into the spirit of things without being so scared you can’t sleep for a week?

This parody horror film could be right up your alley. Obviously there is no mention of vampires in the American history books, but this film likes to pretend that there might have been.


A bunch of nasty spiders meet their match in none other than John Goodman, exterminator extraordinaire, but not before sinking their teeth into a good number of victims.

Nevermind zombies and vampires, this film has something to really get scared about!

Enjoy your Halloween!

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