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Information publication scheme entry

Part 2 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act) requires Australian Government agencies, Ministers and certain Government Business Entities (GBEs) to establish an Information Publication Scheme (IPS). The Information Publication Scheme (IPS) provisions within the FOI Act outline NBN Co's obligations to provide the Australian community with access to information regarding our company's operations, activities and other matters. In addition to publishing a broad range of information on our website, nbn has published an IPS Plan (below), which explains how our company intends to implement and administer its IPS. nbn recognises that information is a vital and invaluable resource, both for the company and for the broader Australian community. That is why nbn fosters and promotes a pro-disclosure culture, with the goal of creating an organisation that is open, transparent and accountable.

While section 7 of the FOI Act exempts nbn from releasing information relating to our commercial activities, we regularly release information about our operations on a proactive basis. Our objective is to continue along this path without compromising our commercial or operational objectives, or those of our business partners.

At nbn, we also welcome input from the community regarding our IPS, along with suggestions regarding information that you think should be published by our company. In that regard, please forward any comments or suggestions to the If we are unable to publish the information requested, our staff will contact you to discuss the reasons why the information could not be made available. We will also endeavour to provide you with other options regarding information that may be available.

The IPS Plan

Read about our IPS Plan and how nbn will meet its IPS obligations in our IPS Plan. 

IPS Plan

Download (PDF - 656 KB)

Who we are

Organisational information

Executive team

Board members

Statutory appointments

nbn does not have any appointed statutory office holders outside of those within the meaning of the Public Service Act, 1999.

What we do - functions of nbn

Our purpose

At nbn, our goal is simple - deliver Australia's first national wholesale-only, open access broadband network to all Australians.

Functions and powers

nbn is a wholly-owned Commonwealth company that has been prescribed as a Government Business Enterprise (GBE). We are subject to the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997, the Corporations Act 2001 and the Governance Arrangements for Commonwealth Government Business Enterprises. The Governance Arrangements set out the broader policy framework under which GBEs operate and they also shape the relationship between our company and the Shareholder Ministers. nbn also publishes a number of highly detailed documents that describe our corporate activities and functions, including the Annual Report and Corporate plan (available at the Corporate Reports section of the website) as well as the Statement of Corporate Intent.

To understand our governance, functions and decision-making power in more detail, please refer to the following guidelines and legislation:

Our reports and responses to Parliament

Parliament routinely requests that nbn provide reports and responses regarding our operations, financial position and business activities. Our company is currently subject to oversight by a number of Parliamentary Committees, as outlined below. You can find more information about these reports and committees below:

Information routinely provided to Parliament and Parliamentary Committees:

How to contact us

To comment on policy proposals for which nbn is responsible, or to discuss access to information under the FOI Act, please refer to the links and details below. If you have any questions about how to make submissions or where to address them, nbn staff will be pleased to assist you.

Consultation on policy - nbn will evaluate, review and, where appropriate, act upon suggestions made by the public in relation to the policies for which we are responsible. Comments should be made via our Contact Us page.

FOI Officer - You can find out more information regarding our FOI processes at our FOI page or by emailing

Routinely requested information and Disclosure Log

You can find information on routinely accessed documents and information nbn has released in response to FOI requests on our Disclosure Log.

Operational information

nbn is an exciting and growing organisation. As such, many of our processes and procedures are still evolving. At the same time, our company welcomes input from the public to assist in improving our performance, better exercising our functions and helping to make sound decisions - particularly where they affect our community. You can find out more about our current processes, operational policies and how we make decisions at the links below:

Other information

As outlined above, nbn regularly releases a great deal of information proactively through our website and in other media. We will provide links through the IPS entry section on a progressive basis. Our objective is to continue to provide the Australian community with as much information as possible to understand our day-to-day decisions and long-term business goals and solutions. Through these efforts, we hope to communicate the importance of nbn's work in constructing an essential infrastructure project that we believe will pay significant dividends for all Australians - both today and into the future.

nbn will regularly publish information released pursuant to FOI requests in our Disclosure Log, as well as on our website. If you would like to make a request under the FOI Act, please refer to our FOI webpage for details in that regard. We will also undertake to provide further information regarding our business and activities on this page and throughout our website.


FOI Officer
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Telephone: +61 2 9926 1900 (Sydney)

Information Publication Scheme