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Streaming is the new black!

Streaming media has meant Australians are more entertained than ever.

The household entertainment landscape is constantly evolving and our ability to entertain ourselves at home is easier than ever. Whether it's streaming movies, watching YouTube videos or catching up with your favourite TV shows, there has never been more choice.

The changing face of home entertainment

Long gone are the days of antennas on the roof piping in a single stream of entertainment into the family TV set. Advancements in technology and availability of better download speeds has opened a world of entertainment right into our living rooms.

Online content services like YouTube and Vimeo specialise in user-generated content and have given us additional options for our entertainment needs.

Smart TVs, streaming and second screens

Television networks have taken advantage of the fact that more and more TVs are now connected to the Internet by offering free online catch-up services. (Related reading: Smart TVs explained)

There are also a number of streaming services available online, with rich media providers like Stan, Netflix and Presto offering on-demand content.

These services have drastically altered the way people watch and enjoy their entertainment of choice. 

What's more, this choice now extends to our mobile phones and tablets. With the improvement in screen technology, these devices have essentially become additional ‘TVs’ in the home.

It’s not uncommon for us to check emails, browse social channels or surf the web while also watching TV at the same time. This 'second screen' behaviour has caught on and is often encouraged by TV networks.

Some television programming now actively encourages viewers to tweet or interact on social channels while a show is live, helping create online buzz and viewer conversations in real time.




From concurrent Internet usage, to streaming music and videos, to 'second screen' behaviour - connectivity is drastically altering the entertainment landscape.

Rise of the devices

Connectivity has expanded to beyond TV and mobile screens, with peripheral devices like gaming consoles multi-tasking to suit our enteratinment needs. Most consoles now come with apps that are capable of connecting to streaming and entertainment services.

Devices like Apple TV, chromecast or WD TV player have allowed just about anyone with a screen to connect to the Internet and with a few clicks, enjoy any content of choice.

Not just for video

While the Internet has had a big impact on visual entertainment, it is not the only change to the way we enjoy our downtime.

Music streaming services like Spotify, Apple music and Google music also make use of online devices to bring your favourite tunes whenever and wherever you want.

Family-sized entertainment  

What used to involve family members fighting over the remote to watch their favourite shows is now a seamless, concurrent excercise.  

Today, it is not inconceivable for Dad to be cooking while watching a YouTube recipe video, Mum to be catching up on her favourite TV show, and the kids to be listening to their favourite music or playing their favourite video game - all at the same time.  

With this explosion of online entertainment options, it is easy to see why an upgrade to our existing internet network is needed.

Access to fast internet will allow Australian families the freedom to choose their favourite content separately or together as a family.

Check your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.

Internet Uninterrupted Australian Households of the Connected Future

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