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List of nbn® Sky Muster® satellite service providers

To connect to the nbn network via nbn Sky Muster, nbn Sky Muster Plus or nbn Sky Muster Plus Premium you need to contact a nbn satellite service provider and choose a plan that suits your needs. The list of providers immediately below offer both of these services.

Scroll further for a list of providers that only offer nbn Sky Muster plans.

Providers that sell nbn Sky Muster, nbn Sky Muster Plus and nbn Sky Muster Plus Premium plans


13 22 88

logo Ant communication
ANT Communications

1300 268 266

Logo ClearTM
Clear Broadband

1300 855 215


Logo SkyMesh

1300 735 244

Logo Southern Phone
Southern Phone

13 14 64

Providers that only sell nbn Sky Muster plans


1300 730 302

Check your address to see if nbn Sky Muster satellite is available at your home or small business.

If you are a service provider looking to be listed on this page, or have your existing listing updated, please speak to your nbn Account Manager or Sales & Marketing Manager.