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Introducing the nbn® New Developments Portal

Our nbn New Developments Portal allows you to manage your applications, view the estimated “Ready for Service” date of your development, and complete the tasks needed to help connect your development to the nbn® broadband access network.

Simply log in to the portal to manage and monitor the progress of your applications.

How to register for portal access

  • Click on the registration link found in your development application confirmation email
  • Register your email address (the same one you used for your application) and use the six-digit registration code included in the email

Please use a consistent email address for any future applications. This helps us link your account so you can manage all your applications in one location.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your invoice is incorrect, please submit an enquiry here.

In accordance with Australian Government policy, nbn is required to recover cost of deploying the nbn® access network infrastructure. 'Developer contribution charges' are applied to each premises that requires a new nbn® connection.

What is the developer contributions charge and what types of applications does this apply to?

Types of applications that the developer contribution charge applies to:

  • New dwellings or lots being constructed, typically new buildings requiring a new mailing address 
  • Broadacre subdivisions 
  • Newly constructed apartments, townhouses or villa units 
  • Commercial premises – only for new lots or tenancies created or as part of an expansion. 
  • Subdivisions – only for the new lots that are created 
  • Granny flats/outbuildings – only if they are newly constructed and have a separate address from the primary residence (these instances will require a unique lead in conduit). 
  • Knock down rebuild – only if a new address is created. For example: 
    • If you knock down an existing house and create three new addresses, the three new addresses will attract the new developments charge 
    • If you don’t knock down the existing house and create three new addresses (four in total), only the three new addresses will attract the new developments charge. 
    • If you knock down a single house and rebuild a single house in its place – this will not attract a new developments charge. 

It does not include:

  • Building a single dwelling on a vacant block of land, where there is no existing nbn connection.

While there are numerous factors that contribute to a delay in service date, we would suggest raising an enquiry through the nbn New Developments Portal to enable nbn to review. 

If you need to make changes to your application once submitted, please submit an enquiry through our website or alternatively, through the nbn New Developments Portal.