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Telstra is required by the Australian Government to offer priority assistance services to people with a life-threatening medical condition. However, other phone or internet providers may also offer priority assistance (or similar arrangements) to their customers. More information is available from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

nbn has committed to support providers who give priority assistance services to customers with diagnosed life-threatening medical conditions. We will aim to provide the same connection and fault rectification times that customers registered for priority assistance currently receive.

If you are registered as a priority assistance customer, contact your provider to make sure you carry your priority assistance status over to your new nbn® service. If you are considering changing providers, you should first check what priority assistance arrangements the new provider may offer and how to register.

People who rely on a landline phone service should speak with their phone or internet provider for instructions on how to connect their service. 

Affordable services for people with limited income

There are a variety of services and nbn powered plans available from your phone and internet provider to suit a range of needs and budgets. If you are a pensioner, you should ask your preferred phone and internet provider whether they can offer you a discount.

The Australian Government also requires Telstra to offer a package for low-income households for continued access to voice services over the nbn network. More information is available at the Department of Communications.

Please note, nbn is a wholesaler and does not sell direct to the public. Call your phone and internet provider for any information relating to nbn powered plans and pricing.