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Reports and publications

nbn® Affordability & Value Index

The 2022 nbn Affordability & Value Report, commissioned by nbn and developed by Accenture, reveals that based on those surveyed, nbn users are getting great value for money in 2022, higher speeds and more data for a similar price compared to 2021.

The Accenture Value report provides a snapshot on whether customers find services over the nbn network valuable, and the benefits they receive on the network as they live, learn, play and work.

Accenture Value Report 2022

Download (PDF - 2 MB)

Accenture Value Report 2021

Download (PDF - 2 MB)

Pricing Review 2021: Consultation Papers

The purpose of the Pricing Review 2021 consultation is to seek Retail Service Provider (RSP) and broader industry feedback on nbn wholesale pricing for selected nbn® Ethernet bandwidth profiles, with the objectives of providing certainty, value and simplicity through ongoing and regular consultation on pricing.

Pricing Review 2021 Consultation Paper 3

Download (PDF - 676 KB)

Pricing Review 2021 Consultation Paper 2

Download (PDF - 1 MB)

Pricing Review 2021 Consultation Paper 1

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Other reports and publications

Staying Connected Report CSIRO and NBN

B&M | 21-00448
Download (PDF - 4 MB)

Connecting Australian Agriculture Report

Download (PDF - 5 MB)

Pricing evolution

Unleashing the potential of the nbn broadband access network
Download (PDF - 449 KB)

The nbn broadband access network and the business of connecting Australia

Download (PDF - 385 KB)

Is nbn cvc charge to blame?

Why are data speeds sometimes lower than what consumers were expecting?
Download (PDF - 297 KB)

Strategic Review

Download (PDF - 6 MB)