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Security monitoring systems

Call your security alarm provider to find out if your device is compatible before you switch to the nbn® network.

It's important to contact your security alarm provider

The rollout of the nbn network will involve new technologies and some existing devices may not be compatible with these at all times. Your security alarm provider can advise whether your alarm will work when connected to the nbn network, or what alternative solutions are available. 

nbn is unable to provide general advice due to the wide range of security alarms in the market.

Questions you could ask your security alarm provider:

  • Will my alarm work properly when connected to the nbn network?
  • If so, what specific phone or internet service will work best with my alarm?
  • Will my alarm be able to dial out during a power outage when connected to the nbn network?
  • If not, what alternatives are available?
  • What solutions would you [the provider] suggest?
  • Are there any costs involved?

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