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Is your small business ready for the nbn™ network?

As the nbn™ network rolls out across Australia, here are some tips for small businesses preparing for the switch over.


Services provided over the nbn™ network will replace phone and Internet services provided over most of the existing landline networks. The major reason for the change is that the current network was not designed for the future digital needs of Australian businesses and individuals.

When the nbn™ network is rolled out in a particular area, most businesses will need to move to a plan for services.

A common misconception is that businesses do not need to do anything to make the switch from those existing networks being switched off to the nbn™ network.

However, switching is not automatic, and the affected businesses will need to contact a phone or internet provider to arrange to switch once the nbn™ network is ready to go in their area.

The disconnection process will not happen immediately after construction begins in a particular area. The change from those existing networks being switched off to the nbn™ network will take place gradually, and you will be given ample notice ahead of time to make the switch.

You will be notified that the nbn™ network is available in your area 18 months before the scheduled disconnection date.

Can your business connect already?

Some areas of Australia already have the nbn™ network connected. If you would like to check if your business already has access, you can do so here.

If the network is not available in your area yet, you can register your business to receive an email when it is.

How will the nbn™ network affect your business?

The nbn™ network is being designed to provide access to fast internet services, no matter where you are located in Australia.

Access to a fast and reliable internet connection can help ensure your business benefits both productively and economically. 

Benefits of the nbn™ network for Australian businesses

One of the biggest changes the nbn™ network will enable are the advantages it will offer to small and remote businesses. The combination of satellite, wireless and wired connections will mean more Australian businesses will have access to fast broadband.

Among the key benefits are:

  • Better online customer service experience: Fast internet will offer remote businesses - who have been hamstrung by slower connections - to be more responsive on websites, forums or social media channels.
  • Increased online presence: These same sites could enable small or remote businesses to grow digitally and increase awareness of their stores online.
  • Ecommerce:  Shops who may not have been able to expand their offering online - due to poor internet connections - will have the option to offer their products or services online.
  • Overseas export: An unexpected source of profit can also come from overseas markets. The ability for a business to advertise and communicate with people from all over the world can open up export opportunities which can in turn help the Australian economy.

A fast internet service over the nbn™ network can benefit businesses in many ways. Some examples include:

  • The ability to communicate effectively with staff, suppliers and customers
  • Easy introduction of e-commerce
  • The ability to save data to the cloud so you can work from anywhere+
  • Ensure fast download and upload of files.
  • The ability to provide Wi-Fi for your customers

What other services will be affected?

As well as your landline phone and Internet, some other equipment that operates using a landline connection, such as EFTPOS machines, might also need to be switched to the nbn™ network.*

Contacting your existing service provider is the easiest way to find out if you need to switch.

If you have fax machines, alarm systems or fire indicator panels, you may also be required to switch these to the nbn™ network.* Your best bet would be to contact your existing provider for these devices to check if they are nbn™ network compatible and to find out if you need to move them to the nbn™ network.

What do you do when you are ready to connect?

As nbn is a wholesaler and does not provide services directly to end users, when you are ready to connect, your first point of contact will be to reach out to a phone or internet service provider.

They should have a range of different plans and should help take you through the step by step instructions on how to set up your business for the nbn™ network.

Check your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.

* Services provided over the nbn™ network will be replacing phone and internet services provided over most of the existing landline networks, including copper and the majority of HFC networks within the fixed line footprint. Services provided over existing fibre networks (including in-building, health and education networks) and some special and business services may not be affected. To find out if your services will be affected, please contact your current phone or internet provider. For more information, visit or call 1800 687 626.

^ Your experience including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises and some factors outside our control like your equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how your service provider designs its network.

+ Access to your work network will depend on factors outside our control like your organisation’s IT policy and infrastructure. 

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