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Does your address not appear when searching our connection engine?

There are several reasons why your address may not appear when checking on our website. 
Outlined below are some of the main scenarios, how you can find specific information and further assistance.

Secondary dwelling on existing property (e.g. granny flats)

In most cases, a secondary dwelling (e.g. granny flats) that shares the same address as the primary residence on a block of land cannot apply for a new nbn® network connection as each connection must be linked to a unique address.

To connect a granny flat to the nbn network, you may need to extend your existing connection from the primary residence, or install an additional service, through a registered cabler.

Newly sub-divided property

If you are building a small development, such as a sub-dividing a lot into two residential units, it’s important to start planning as early as possible to meet requirements during the construction phase and obtain the approvals needed.

Once the early planning phase is complete, you can begin your nbn New Developments application. Please allow a minimum of three months’ notice before service connections are required and for all other developments, allow a minimum of six months’ notice.

New house on a single block

A newly-built home gives you the opportunity to create a connected environment that makes the most of the nbn broadband access network. 

You will need to talk to your developer or builder about registering your new home with nbn and to start the connection process.

Address record may require updating

nbn address records are based on various sources of data including the authoritative address index for Australia. Sometimes the nbn address record may be slightly different from how you know your address.

You can also use our nbn rollout map to help with your search.

With this map you can search a neighbouring address or local landmark and then use the pin drop to find your address. Try repositioning the location pin on the search map in 'EARTH' view

If your address record requires updating or you are still unable to find your address, you’ll need to contact a phone and internet provider who will contact nbn to assist in making these changes or help registering your address.

Other factors to consider

For renters

Connecting to the nbn broadband access network may require nbn supplied equipment to be installed within your premises by a certified technician. Therefore, you will need to inform your landlord prior to installation and receive approval before any work is commenced.

If you’re not in direct contact with your landlord, you will need to contact your property manager or real estate agent.

Moving house

It is a legal requirement that you leave the nbn supplied equipment such as the connection box and cables if you are moving out of your house.

If you’re moving into a premises connected to the nbn network and discover the nbn supplied equipment has been removed, please contact a phone and internet provider and they will arrange for the equipment to be reinstalled.

Removal & relocation of equipment

We recognise our nbn™ assets or infrastructure may occasionally need to be altered, relocated, removed or protected.

It’s important to note that by law, only nbn and our authorised contractors may work on nbn™ assets and infrastructure.

For businesses

A business address can contain multiple buildings or multiple floors with many commercial premises at the site, examples include shopping centres, universities, airports and schools.

This may present challenges when searching for your address, if you are unable to find your address please contact a phone and internet provider for assistance. 

As part of the process, the provider may request information of the property you wish to connect such as shop name or office number, floor/level details, coordinates, and proof that the property is occupied.

Start by checking your address

Check your address to find out if the nbn network is available at your home.

Still having trouble?

If your address doesn’t appear when you check your address, or if you would like to request an additional connection on a property with more than one residence on it, you should contact a phone and internet provider. The provider will contact us to assist with resolving the issue.

As part of the process, your provider may request information such as the coordinates of the property you wish to connect, and proof that the property is occupied.