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Digital connectivity is leading the way for Australians

How the digital world is reshaping the way we travel and dine out

Dinner at hatted restaurant, check. Weekend away, check. Post the COVID-19 pandemic, Australians have never been keener to get out and about. Amid the current economic uncertainty, they want to ensure they’re getting value for money. Whether they're heading to a resort on the coast, or about to dine out at a hatted restaurant, the first step of their journey would most likely involve a digital device to start planning. 

From exploring faraway hotel rooms to perusing exotic menus, 72% of consumers almost always consult an online review before deciding where to visit, eat or stay, according to TripAdvisor research1.

As a result, it's vital for hospitality businesses to deliver better customer experiences online. With the help of business-grade broadband and best-of-breed cloud applications, businesses can now create engaging marketing and content for their potential customers on the web and social media. 

Along with facilitating integration with cloud applications and platforms that help market and sell services, having access to business-grade broadband also allows companies to connect with the suppliers and services needed to run day-to-day operations.

For food and drink-based hospitality businesses, this type of access also helps them to reach their customers – enabling critical functions like the online ordering and delivery of their products. A third of Australians aged 14+ (33.4%) now use meal delivery services such as Uber Eats and Menulog at least once every three months, according to Roy Morgan research2. That rises to 45.8% for Millennials.

A young woman with a laptop in front of a selection of wines in a hospitality venue.

Travel anywhere, anytime with hybrid ways of working

Once travellers arrive at their destination, their expectations have also increased – with high levels of service and digital connectivity now an important part of the customer experience. A key aspect is fast and reliable broadband connectivity, underpinning services like high-speed guest Wi-Fi and media streaming for both work and play.

The changing nature of these hybrid ways of working, with the increasing flexibility enabling people to work almost anywhere, anytime, has seen the rise of digital nomads looking to blend work and travel. No longer bound to an office, three out of four respondents in a YouGov Flexible Lifestyle Survey3 said they would consider working and holidaying at the same time.

For hybrid holidayers, broadband connectivity at their destination is critical when it comes to working while they travel. When it's time to switch off and head to the pool, they want to stay connected with family and friends with video calls, as well as being entertained with online video platforms and streaming services.

Access to reliable broadband means accommodation providers can tap into more advanced cloud applications and platforms - allowing for greater personalisation of service for their guests.

Better connectivity sees hybrid workers staying and playing longer

There’s plenty of things you should keep in mind when organising your next work-cation – and top of that list should be access to a fast and dependable business-grade fibre connection so you get the most out of your cloud-based applications.

It’s a need that holiday destinations are increasingly catering to. Youth Hostels Australia is one organisation that’s recognised the importance of providing hybrid workers high-speed internet connectivity that lets guests access VPNs, stream and connect to cloud-applications with ease. It's not just guests that benefit from YHA’s reliable Enterprise Ethernet business nbn® connection, YHA staff can now easily access cloud computing resources ensuring team members have the tools they need to service customers.^

Mandalay Holiday Resort in Western Australia is another holiday destination that’s invested in high-speed nbn connectivity through their service provider for guests,^ making it a key feature of a business centre at the resort designed for remote workers and business travellers that want to bring their families with them. Improved connectivity also underpins security at the park, through the installation of better security cameras and remote monitoring which allow the Mandalay team to respond to any incidents quickly, improving both guest and staff satisfaction.

A woman uses a tablet computer in a café.

Help increase positive guest reviews with business-grade connectivity

A fast and reliable broadband connection can be a game-changer in the hospitality sector.^ Business nbn Enterprise Ethernet doesn't just offer the option of fast upload and download speeds^ - it also provides a more robust and reliable broadband service that’s designed to handle peak hour demand. Most importantly, you’ll have access to priority customer service and support via your provider#.

As hospitality services become increasingly digital, a fast and reliable broadband connection can help transform the way your staff interact with your customers, delivering a positive experience for all involved.^

Find support for your business

Talk to your provider to learn more about how we can help transform your hospitality business.

^Your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn network, depends on the nbn access network technology and configuration over which services are delivered to your premises, whether you are using the internet during the busy period, and some factors outside nbn’s control (like your equipment quality, software, broadband plan, signal reception and how your service provider designs its network). For business nbn Enterprise Ethernet, if your provider has not selected Class of Service – High, the speeds you experience may be affected by contention on the nbn network, particularly in busy periods.

#business nbn is not available on the nbn Fixed Wireless network. Not all providers offer plans based on the full range of wholesale business nbn products, product features and services. Availability of wholesale business nbn products, product features and services depends on your access technology and area. Ask your preferred provider if they offer plans based on these wholesale business nbn products, product features and services in your area. These wholesale service features are offered to service providers. The service options providers make available to their end customers depend on what they have productised and the retail solutions they offer.