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How tech is driving better connections with customers

As digital proficiency among consumers rises, so do their demands

This trend is leading Australian enterprises, both large and small, to question if their technological tools are up to the task of meeting these evolving expectations. 

We all know the digital shift made by Australian businesses over the last few years has been huge. Retail, for example, is one industry where changes have been highly visible. According to Australia Post’s 2023 eCommerce Industry Report1, 82% of Australian households made an online purchase in 2022, with 60% of households making online purchases 12 or more times during the year. One in three dollars spent by Australian shoppers is now expected to be spent online, the report predicts.

The digital transformation hasn’t been limited to retail of course. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics(ABS) indicates, for many companies, key business outcomes are now tied to technology. The big digital shift has seen the connectivity needs of organisations change significantly, particularly for small businesses.

Companies that once got by with only email and perhaps a basic website are now using internet-based services for anything from accounting to social media marketing and enhanced customer service.

However, things aren’t standing still. Businesses big and small are now also figuring out how more advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can enhance what they’re doing by driving efficiency, cutting costs, and improving customer self-service options.

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Business needs have changed

Back when email and web browsing were enough, many small businesses’ internet needs weren’t all that different from a typical home user’s requirements. But digital systems are becoming mission-critical and more services are being delivered from the cloud. The ABS reports2 nearly 60% of Australian businesses are using cloud technology, so business-grade internet has become crucial.

According to the federal government’s Small Business Digital Taskforce3: “Connectivity is fundamental to the goal of small businesses ‘going digital’. Without a fast, reliable and affordable internet connection, a small business will struggle to find and retain customers, let alone operate efficiently.”

At nbn®, our core mission is to lift the digital capability of Australia, both for home users and businesses. We recognise that businesses’ needs are often different from what we need when we’re at home gaming, binge-watching TV, or streaming music.

We’ve designed our business products around what we see as three key needs of today’s digital businesses. The first is higher wholesale upload speeds and wholesale download speeds for applications like cloud computing services and video calling. Unlike typical home usage, where internet traffic tends to flow downwards for streaming and gaming, businesses need speed moving in both directions (upload and download). This is particularly relevant for business-critical tools like video collaboration and security, cloud applications, file sharing, recovery, and backup.^

The second need is enhanced support options to providers, reliability, and peace of mind when it comes to unscheduled outages and when they’re resolved. For so many businesses now, being offline means that the whole business can come to a standstill, so it’s crucial to know how long it will take to get things fixed and when you’ll be back online. Recently nbn has enhanced its business service options4 so that service providers can offer even better support to their business nbn customers with fast restoration target times around the clock.*#

Finally, we offer a premium installation experience with flexible appointment times and business-grade technicians. A lack of appointment times can be tricky for a business. Having the flexibility to have an appointment on the weekend or after hours means customers are still having a great experience and most importantly, you don’t have to stop your business (and the cash flow) to get connected.

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Supporting the digital economy

It’s already hard to imagine doing business without the internet. Put simply, global economies now rely on digital connectivity to stay afloat – and it’s only going to become more fundamental.

Today’s businesses need connections designed for their specific needs in order to operate successfully in the digital economy. With solutions designed to deal with the demands of cloud computing and applications like video calling, as well as the peace of mind that their services will have the reliability when needed.

At business nbn, we’ve designed our services and solutions to help meet the needs of Australian companies to ensure they have the best opportunity to not only participate, but thrive in the digital economy.^ With features like higher wholesale upload and download speeds, enhanced support options to providers and a business-grade installation experience, nbn gives Australians the connections they need.

Find support for your business

Talk to a service provider today about an nbn network solution that suits your business needs. 

^Your experience depends on factors such as your nbn access technology, internet provider, whether you use the internet during the busy period, your plan and equipment.

*Not all providers offer plans based on the full range of wholesale business nbn products, product features and services. Availability of wholesale business nbn products, product features and services depends on your access technology and area.

#Fault rectification time may vary depending on the location of the premises; and all times refer to what we offer to providers – which may differ to what times they offer you. Not all your faults with a retail service will relate to a fault with the nbn network. Faults may relate to matters in a provider’s network, your premises equipment or network resources being accessed.