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Join the team behind the network

Several thousand skilled workers are needed to build, operate and maintain the nbn™ broadband access network – one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects. It’s a massive job that we estimate needs the current workforce to almost double in size. By registering an expression of interest in the Industry Workforce Development Program, you’ll be putting your hand up to be referred onto one of our Delivery Partners and their subcontractors when opportunities are available that match your background and preferred work locations.

With our Delivery Partners currently looking for capable and enthusiastic people, there’s never been a better time to join the team behind the nbn™ access network.

Working on the nbn™ access network

No two days are the same when you work on the nbn™ access network. Early starts, problem solving and travelling to different locations are all part of the job. An nbn™ access network team member is expected to be hands-on working on detailed and precise processes in a mixture of environments, which can include the outdoors and working at heights. One thing that won’t change is the impact you’ll be making to change the way Australians live, work and play.

The team in the field

Our Delivery Partners and their subcontractors are looking for both experienced telecommunications workers and new industry entrants to fill the high skill shortage occupations. Whether you’re returning to the industry, or looking to get involved, our program may have opportunities for you.

Individuals just starting out in telecommunications will typically begin working as linesworkers to support the network lines that connect homes and businesses across Australia.

Now’s your chance to be part of a team that installs, monitors and replaces lines. You could become a skilled telecommunications professional as you learn the tools of the trade from industry experts on-the-job. While you’re working you’ll gain nationally recognised training in units of competency or a full qualification.

It’s not just new trainees our Delivery Partners and their subcontractors are looking for. They’re also looking for people with a background or previous experience working in telecommunications with copper, fibre, or HFC technologies. If you have the relevant experience, you could join the team doing basic work. There’s also the possibility of completing a cross-skill program to take you to the next level with nationally recognised units of competency.

With the rapid growth of the nbn™ access network, it means workers with advanced skills are needed across all our technologies to help connect Australia and provide mentor support for those technicians getting up to speed. Our Delivery Partners and their subcontractors are currently looking for individuals with several years of experience to take on advanced work in copper, fibre or HFC. If you’re looking to get involved and you want to help shape the future of the telecommunications industry, then register today.

How it all works

Register your interest

Delivery Partner requests candidates to review

nbn refers you on to Delivery Partners

Enter Delivery Partner's recruitment process

Join a Delivery Partner's or subcontractor's team

Commence training for your role

Gain accreditation

Join the team today

To help build the workforce capacity, we’re connecting interested individuals with our Delivery Partners and their subcontractors. Opportunities exist for job seekers with different backgrounds from experienced workers to new entrants. If you’re interested in joining the team behind the nbn™ access network, register below.