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Morpeth set for a connectivi-tea party

As the nbn™ network starts to roll into Morpeth, we travel to the historic town best known for its dining scene, boutique shops and the Weird and Wonderful Tea Party!

As towns and cities all across Australia begin to connect to the nbn™ network, we celebrate historic moments, famous landmarks and cultural features that make these places unique. From sleepy coastal towns to bustling cities and rural communities, our special series On the Map will bring into focus the story of one destination every week.

Nestled on the Hunter River in NSW, Morpeth is a town with enchanting streetscapes lined with beautiful heritage buildings and sandstone curbsides.

Best known as a shopping destination and for its delicious and local food and wine offerings, it only takes a trip down one of the many narrow laneways to discover a range of hidden artisan treasures, boutiques, restaurants and cafes and galleries.

Morpeth’s culinary history stems back to 1860, where William Arnott (of Arnott’s biscuits) and his brother David became well known throughout the township for baking bread and ship’s biscuits.

The original site is now home to the famous Morpeth Sourdough, where delicious sourdough bread is baked each morning, making it a popular spot with locals, tourists and avid foodies. 

From the Morpeth wine cellars to the Moonshine distillery and local beer brewery, there are plenty of watering holes where locals convene and catch up over some of NSW’s finest drops.

However, the town is perhaps most popular with tea drinkers who gather each year for the annual ‘Weird and Wonderful Morpeth Tea Party’.

Held at Campbell’s store, the Weird and Wonderful Morpeth Tea Party is a two week-long extravaganza to celebrate teapot makers from Australia and all over the world.

The exhibition showcases some of the most fabulous and creative teapots along with a range of tea infusers, tea towels, and tea cosies.

It’s not only impressive teapots that make Morpeth a bright and lively place to live.

As the nbn™ network rolls into Morpeth, the town already filled with charm and colour is set to benefit even more, with the opportunity to grow local businesses online and reach new customers with a taste for some of Australia’s finest produce and craft. 

Next week, we travel to Bateau Bay - the NSW beach town best known for whale-watching opportunities and its sense of community. 

Check your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.


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