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Shepparton moo-ves towards a connected future

As the nbn™ network starts to roll into Shepparton, we discover the provincial town best known for fresh produce, art and culture. 

As towns and cities all across Australia begin to connect to the nbn™ network, we celebrate historic moments, famous landmarks and cultural features that make these places unique. From sleepy coastal towns to bustling cities and rural communities, our special series On the Map will bring into focus the story of one destination every week.

Regarded as one of Australia’s most progressive regional towns, Shepparton is a vibrant area rich in history and culture.

Located in northern Victoria, Shepparton was founded in 1840 as a sheep station and river crossing before transforming into a railway town.

Today, the town thrives on agriculture and dairy production, responsible for producing 25 per cent of Victoria’s rural output, and is Australia’s largest processor of canned fruits.  

In fact, Greater Shepparton is often dubbed as Australia’s food bowl, so it’s no surprise the region is dotted with farms and wineries.

In fact, they’re so proud of their dairy roots that the Greater Shepparton City Council created the Moooving Art exhibition.

Introduced in 2000, the exhibition features more than 90 carefully crafted three-dimensional, life-sized, colourful fiberglass cows.

The Moooving Art exhibition. Photo courtesy: Greater Shepparton City Council

The Moooving Art exhibition. Photo courtesy: Greater Shepparton City Council

The eye-capturing herd is impressively scattered across Greater Shepparton’s lively landscapes, parks, riverbanks and public spaces.

Each cow even has its own individual and distinctive design, and locals and visitors alike can stay up to date with locations and news via an internet connection and Facebook and Twitter.

The area also places great importance on preserving materials that reflect their rich history.

The Shepparton Heritage Centre currently contains a collection of around 9,000 items and ephemera, while the Bangergang Cultural Centre is home to a special collection of artworks and artefacts from Aboriginal communities across the country.

For the active and the adventurous, the town also boasts a number of reserves, forests and parks offering great bushwalking tracks and picnic spots. Jaycee Park and Victoria Park lake are great examples.

While the regional area has transformed itself into a cultural hub synonymous with art and delicious produce, the arrival of the nbn™ network will provide locals with even more opportunity to grow their businesses and connect to the rest of Australia and the world. 

To find out when the nbn™ network is coming to your town, check out our rollout map here.

Next week, we head to Tintinara - the agricultural town in SA known for its sheep shearing past and conservation parks. 

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