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Accelerating beyond our targets for the 2017 Financial Year

The nbn team and our Delivery Partners are working relentlessly to ensure all homes and businesses have access to fast broadband by 2020.

Tackling a range of scenarios, from the most remote homes through to intricate built-up cities, we are dedicated to connecting Australia as quickly as we can.

Today, we announced that nbn exceeded its three key targets set by the board for this fiscal year across build, activations and revenue.

Half the nation able to order a service through a phone or internet provider

nbn surpassed the target of 5.4 million premises ready for service by an additional 300,000 homes and businesses, deploying the network to 5.7 million premises.

To achieve this result, the team added up to 100,000 premises to the footprint each week, almost doubling the entire footprint of homes and businesses able to access the nbn™ network within 12 months.

The HFC network accelerated the build alongside continued scale of Fibre-to-the-Node, the latter accounting for around half of the entire incremental footprint for the 2017 Financial Year.

Together, the scale helped us reach the halfway built mark, and now one in two Australian premises able to order an nbn™ service through their retailer.

Together with local phone and internet providers, at the end of the financial year 2.4 million homes and businesses had connected to an nbn™ service. This exceeded the target by 100,000 premises.

Revenue and the end user

As more consumers activated their service through a retailer, revenue increased to $1 billion, above plan by $101 million.

As the network build expands into more populated metropolitan regions, we expect to increase activations and associated revenue. However, nbn understands this will only be possible by continuing our focus on consumer experience.

Working together to meet expectations

nbn continues to work collaboratively with the industry to create a positive end-to-end journey and minimise disruption as end users migrate to the nbn™ network through a retailer.

In partnership with retailers and Service Delivery Partners, together we will work towards aligning our systems and processes for a seamless migration. Together, we can identify the issue, understand where within the networks it is occurring, and work to resolve it quickly.


Our incredible team is ready for another big year ahead.

We are halfway built today, and by this time next year we aim to be three quarters completed. It will be a year where nbn is very visible, rolling out the network into highly populated cities and connecting more Australians at a faster rate than ever before.

There are more than 30,000 people, both from nbn and our partners, passionately delivering the benefits of fast broadband into the homes of Australians by 2020.

Check to see when you can connect to an nbn™ powered plan.

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