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Digital tools to help you stay on top of autumn fashion game

Online tools to help you stay on top of your mid-season fashion game.

The mid-season is all about getting cosy and preparing yourself for the colder months ahead.

But if you have no time to hit the shops, or want to avoid running around the high street with bags full with knits and boots, help is just a click away.

These online tools will help you with your all wardrobe you look super cool while dressing warm! 

Fashion Inspiration

Australian fashion bloggers

These girls are the coolest of the cool, spending their days accessing, photographing and blogging about the latest in fashion to provide street smart looks and tips. They have the inside scoop on what’s going to be hot but they also bring their own perspectives that go against the crowd.

Some popular and fun Australian fashion bloggers to keep an eye on are:

●  Shine by Three by Margaret Zhang

●  What Would Karl Do by Jess Dempsey

●  Gary Pepper by Nicole Warne

●  This is Ashley Rose by Ashley Rose

●  They All Hate Us by Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson


Photo: Pinterest

Lose yourself for hours in the beautiful images and ideas on Pinterest. Search for accessories, knits, jackets and so much more and save the pieces you love best to your account for later. You can find links to product pages, blogs and major fashion websites - the hits just keep coming!

Get started by browsing Australian fashion and accessories on Pinterest.


Wheretoget is a global hub for fashion lovers to share their favourite looks and find out where to buy them. You can browse to see what other users are falling in love with or upload pictures of the fashion that you covet.

If you have seen a celeb or a character on TV wearing a piece that you love, you can ask the community to help you find out where to buy it. They will point you towards the original or similar outfits so that you can be stylish all season.

Just be warned - it’s addictive!

Download Wheretoget for iOS

Download for Android

Visit the website

Websites and Apps

The Iconic

The Iconic links you directly to more than 700 brands and thousands of garments. It lets you sort by popularity, price, colour and best of all - size, so that you don’t find yourself planning outfits around clothes that are sold out. You can add items to your wishlist for later and once you have logged in your account details will be saved across Apple, Android and on your desktop computer.

What’s more, The Iconic app lets you nominate the pieces that you love but just can’t afford. You’ll get a notification when it goes on sale - woohoo!

Download for iOS or Apple watch
Download for Android
Visit the website


Jump on the bandwagon that is the worst kept secret amongst serial shoppers. Aussies love ASOS so much that at its peak, the brand was flying four plane-loads of products here from the UK every day.

Search for what you want on ASOS and sort by style, colour, size and more. The benefit of this site is that it is pitched to the northern hemisphere market, meaning that the winter wear goes on sale once the mercury drops in Australia.

ASOS has all your wardrobe needs at prices ranging from a few to a few hundred dollars. If offers free shipping and stores your info across devices. The add-on for the ASOS app is the ASOS Marketplace app, which allows Apple users to sell the fashion they don’t wear anymore to fellow users around the globe.

ASOS for iOS or Apple Watch
ASOS for Android
Visit the website


Everything is on sale at BuyInvite. Available on desktop and mobile, this site lists global brands for up to 90 percent off.

You’ll be able to shop for more than just your winter wardrobe on BuyInvite. The store lists homewares, beauty products and heaps of stuff for kids. 

Keep a regular eye on BuyInvite and you might be able to nab some amazing bargains. Wait times start at 48 hours but do vary for delivery.

BuyInvite for iOS
BuyInvite for Android
Visit the website


The problem with ShopStyle is that winter will have come and gone before you can make a decision on what to buy! The scarf category alone has dozens of choices from international brands that range from the everyday accessible right up to big names like Givenchy and Alexander McQueen.

This app has you sorted for jewellery, bags and beauty products as well as fashion. It also lets you nominate your fave brands and presents you with a tempting list of suggestions based on your own personal style.

Can’t afford something? ShopStyle offers cool popup notifications whenever something goes on sale.

Download Shopstyle for iOS
Download ShopStyle for Android
Visit the website

Get your fashion fix online with fast broadband - check your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.

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