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Lights, camera, contour: The world of beauty vlogging unpacked

Beauty video bloggers have changed the face of the beauty industry, debunking myths and making tools and techniques accessible for the everyday consumer. 

It’s no secret online beauty bloggers and vloggers have changed the face of the $4 billion Australian beauty industry over the last five years.

Gone are the days when consumers sought make-up tricks and beauty hacks solely from the pages of a magazine.

With the power of YouTube and access to faster broadband, creative and tech-savvy make-up enthusiasts have been able to transform their hobby into a thriving beauty empire – one make-up tutorial at a time.

From the comfort of their bathroom vanity to the screens of millions of viewers around the world, beauty vloggers are able to easily draw people to their channel.

Their videos are easily accessible and they provide testimonies and opinions on the latest beauty products and make-up techniques, making their audience feel more connected and armed with knowledge to apply to their everyday lives.

These beauty channels open a two-way dialogue between the influencer and their audience.

This unique communication channel is a powerful method to connect, as it provides viewers with the opportunity to share stories and feedback with their favourite beauty influencer, whilst the vlogger can utilise their fans' comments and opinions to further shape their brand and future content.

We look at the four beauty vloggers leading the way as among Australia’s most influential beauty vloggers:

1.  Lauren Curtis

Lauren is Australia’s number 1 beauty vlogger with over 3.3 million YouTube subscribers and over 3.5 million social media followers.

At 23 years old, she provides viewers with engaging make up, skincare and hair tutorials through step-by-step demonstrations and reviews.

2. Chloe Morello


As one of Australia’s leading beauty influencers, Chloe has attracted over 3.5 million YouTube and social followers within the last five years.

Providing make up advice and tips on personal style, Chloe has captivated her audience through her personable humour and approachable manner.

3. Rachel Brook

With over a decade of experience as a professional make up artist, Rachel took her skills online and has quickly established a strong following, offering the audience a sneak peek into her life of beauty.

Rachel provides behind-the-scenes images and professional beauty techniques for her fans to incorporate into their beauty routines.

4.  Sammy Robinson

Sammy is one of Australia’s newest beauty vloggers and her following is growing exponentially.

The 20-year-old focuses her channel on creating youthful and down-to-earth beauty looks for her almost 300,000 followers.

The beauty of vlogging: Anyone can do it!

The steep growth of online beauty has proved that pretty much anyone with an Internet connection can create and elevate a social media profile and communicate with an audience at scale.

Here are three top tips to create the perfect vlog and kickstart your social media influencer profile:

1. Have the right equipment

  • It is imperative for viewers to clearly hear and see step-by-step instructions, especially if they are learning to apply new make-up techniques while streaming a video! Make sure the lighting and sound equipment is of a high quality.  

  • Viewers want to focus on the make-up being created and the beauty products being used, so it is best to set the tutorial against a simple background. Avoid shiny surfaces in the backdrop to prevent glare from impacting the desired finished effect.

  • By investing in quality filming equipment, such as a HD video camera, portable studio lighting and editing software, viewers will consider the finished make-up look and technique to be of high quality. 

2. Prepare your look

  • Much like a cooking demonstration, make sure you prepare the make-up look and make you all the necessary products and tools are readily available prior to the tutorial.

  • Start your vlog with a look you are familiar with so viewers will sense your confidence.

  • Practice how you will convey your instructions whilst demonstrating. Any mistakes or pauses can be edited out, however it is best to come across as prepared and authentic as possible.

3. Share your blog with everyone!

  • Once you’re ready to publish your video, utilise all social media platforms to raise your profile and engage with new audiences.

  • Tweet, Instagram and share your video on Facebook using consistent and popular hashtags in order to expand your audience and provide a call to action for viewers to search for more of your videos.
Entrepreneurial online beauty influencers are the driving force for change in the beauty industry as it shifts its focus to the online consumer, but high-quality video content also requires a high-quality Internet connection.

Check your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.

Fast broadband and online video are transforming Aussie living rooms into digital classrooms. Check out our special feature School of the Screen to see how you can also pick up a new skill online.

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