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The future of work: When, where and how you want

From farm to factory to the office, see how technology and access to high speed broadband is transforming the world of work

The world of work has changed profoundly and consistently over the decades following WWII and perhaps even more so over recent years.

In a new report, Towards a Super Connected Australia, respected Aussie demographer Bernard Salt looks at our work habits today and how they will continue to transform with the roll out of the the nbn™ network, and beyond.

Bernard Salt says, “Whereas in the 20th century Australian workers organised their suburban lives around workplaces, in the 21st Century and especially after 2020 and the roll out of the nbn™ network, it may be possible for workers to organise their work around their lives and their lifestyles. In some respects this is the Australian dream. While everyone will still have to work in the future, the workers of the future will have greater control over how and when they work.

Work will be fitted into times and locations that suit the individual rather than lifestyle being fitted into and around commitments to work. That is the promise of high-speed broadband and this is an aspiration that fits comfortably with the Australian penchant for lifestyle.”

These changes will likely see more people telecommute to the CBD and use high definition video conferencing technology. While this will allow for greater lifestyle opportunities, the boundaries between work and play may be further blurred for some who find it difficult to ‘switch’ off thanks to technology.

See below for an outline of how digital workers have increased in the workforce.

For more information on the Towards a Super Connected Australia report visit

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