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Seven reasons to consider working from home

Fast broadband connections mean you can take your office wherever you go. Here are the key benefits of teleworking.

1. The one-minute commute 

You will marvel at how you managed to spend so many hours of your life stuck in traffic, waiting for buses and trains, and watching others go mad over someone not moving instantaneously when a traffic light went green.

Frustration need no longer be a daily condition.

2. The time before breakfast

There was a time when "The Time Before Breakfast" consisted of a short trudge from bed to shower, then bolting a bowl of cereal and heading for the door to start the grind to work.

Now it is a time with space to become fully conscious, even read a little in bed before rising to do some exercise, take a walk and smell the frangipanis, then conversing with family over breakfast before taking five or so steps into your home office.

3. You’re the boss

You set the rules, so you can either decide to stick to a routine or mix up your days to fit around other obligations in a way that suits you.

4. Save your dollars

Tickets and petrol, coffees and lunches, drinks after work, it all adds up each week. Working from home can mean some significant savings on those expenses.

5. Increase your output

If you are disciplined, you’ll be surprised at how much more you can get done.

Your productivity should improve, not least because you really are working with your best interests at heart.

6. Stress less

OK, so it may take a while to get yourself set up and that can take its toll, but once you are and you get in a rhythm you should start noticing your stress levels fall away as you begin to see there is more to life than flogging in and out of work.

7. Work-life balance

Perhaps the biggest benefit is work-life-balance. This can be tricky to achieve. Whether it’s the children or the cleaning, pets or noisy neighbours, there are distractions that are bound to come when you work from home.

Sometimes you’ll have to catch up with work after one of these setbacks, so you need to know when to switch off. Once you’ve established a routine, you will find you start to manage your time well and know how you are filling it to get the best work done and have the best life balance.

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