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Frequently asked questions

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about upgrading to nbn® Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) with plans based on our wholesale higher speed tiers^.

Eligible locations

As the network upgrade is an ongoing and progressive activity, not all homes and businesses in an area may be able to connect at the same time. A small proportion of locations may not be eligible to connect to fibre under this program. This will depend on a number of considerations, such as the complexity of the build and environmental factors.

The eligible locations have been selected for reasons including:

  • Demand – we anticipate strong demand in these metropolitan and regional locations for higher wholesale speed plans.
  • Cost-effectiveness – we can deploy here with speed and agility, in a way that our investment is most likely to spread and multiply economic activity across the nation.

If your premises is not eligible right now, it may become eligible before the end of 2025. You can register for email updates and we will advise you if your premises becomes eligible. Alternatively, you can regularly check your address on our website to find out if your location is eligible.

nbn’s role is to improve and upgrade the nbn network as Australia’s connectivity needs increase and to ensure we provide access to the broadband speeds that Australia needs. So stay tuned as we look to build more fibre into the network in the future.

We totally understand! That’s why we already offer a range of wholesale speeds for residential and business customers.*

We have a range of residential speed tiers and we also have options to suit businesses. Please note that the availability of these speed tiers depends on your access technology.

We recommend chatting to your preferred phone and internet provider to find the right speed tier to suit your needs. You can also learn more about making the most of your internet experience.

If you're in a building with five or more units/apartments and managed by a Body Corporate, your entire building may be eligible for a fibre upgrade through another program.

Connecting to a new FTTP service with a participating provider

Eligible customers will have to place an order with a participating phone and internet provider and purchase a plan based on our eligible wholesale higher speed tiers^ to upgrade to FTTP.

  • For locations on FTTN: If you are eligible and you would like to upgrade to FTTP, you will need to order a plan based on Home Fast or higher^.
  • For locations on FTTC: If you are eligible and you would like to upgrade to FTTP, you will need to order a plan based on Home Superfast or higher^.

Depending on factors such as complexity and your building type, additional costs may apply to providers, who may choose to pass this charge onto their customers. We recommend speaking to a participating provider to find out about costs to you.

As nbn is a wholesaler, you will need to speak to your preferred participating provider regarding plans and prices available to you.

The nbn approved technician will install Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection in parallel to your existing Fibre to the Node (FTTN) or Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) connection.

Once you have spoken to your FTTP provider and are satisfied that your FTTP service is up and running, you may need to arrange the transfer of services from your original technology (FTTN or FTTC) connection to your new FTTP connection.

We recommend checking with your original provider that your plan on the original technology (FTTN or FTTC) has been cancelled, so that you can avoid being charged for services on both technologies. Your provider will be able to help you through this process.

Unless you have cancelled your original service, it may remain active. If nbn decides to turn off the original technology at your premises, nbn will inform your phone and service provider at least 18 months prior, so you will be given plenty of notice before this might occur.

The nbn approved technician will install and test the equipment, so that it's ready for your provider to finalise the connection of the new FTTP service.

Please follow your FTTP provider’s guidelines for connection. This may include replacement or upgrade of your existing modem or router, as advised by your provider.

If you are experiencing service disruptions, outages or issues then please follow your provider's advice regarding any issues with your services. If the issue is nbn network related, your provider will make direct contact with nbn to resolve on your behalf.

Your FTTP provider will be able to offer you troubleshooting advice and next steps should your plan not be suitable post-connection.

Installation process (pre-installation and installation appointments)

Your assigned technician will try to accommodate your first choice of location where possible, however they will need to install the connection box based on the list of specifications below, so it is important that you have a few options in mind.

View the full list of specifications

  • Within 3m of an existing power point outlet - this will be shortened to 1.8m if battery backup is requested.
  • Near the nbn utility box - this is usually installed on outside on an external wall in an easily accessible front area of your premises
  • Where there is suitable space below and above the nbn connection box for easy access – this generally means at least 1.8m below the finished floor level or ceiling
  • Away from hazards and busy areas where it may be easily knocked or damaged
  • A cool, dry, ventilated area away from direct sunlight (nbn equipment cannot be installed in a damp or wet areas such as a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or under a window that opens, and away from existing utilities such as gas lines or external water systems)
  • Somewhere where blinking lights won’t be distracting – typically in a location that is easy for you to see and check the indicator lights
  • In the same building as externally mounted nbn utility box, main electric meter box or distribution board (so ideally not in a separate detached garage or outhouse)

It’s important to remember our technicians have health and safety considerations to make when helping to choose a suitable location to install the nbn connection box.

It may not be possible to have the new connection box installed in the same location as your original technology connection points. 

In the first instance, they will generally propose the connection box to be placed in an easily accessible location in the nearest appropriate room to the outside nbn utility box (provided it is not a wet area such as a bathroom or laundry room). Generally, we will only install devices in a bedroom if requested by you.

They may consider alternative locations that are easily accessible and within 40 metres of the nbn utility box, if all required specifications are met.

If you have a specific location that you would like the nbn connection box installed that does not meet the specifications above, you may need to separately engage a licenced cabler to provide a suitable cable path.

Your provider will help to schedule the following:

Pre-installation visit

For some customers, we may send an nbn approved technician to assess the outside of your premises prior to the installation. This will help us identify any obstacles early and prepare for your upcoming installation appointment.

Installation appointment

A technician will arrive at a later time to install the equipment at your premises. They will test that the equipment has been installed correctly before they leave, so that it's ready for your provider to finalise the connection of the new FTTP service.

There will be one or more appointments that your provider will help to schedule.

Pre-installation visit (if required)

  • In most cases, this visit will take on average between 45 mins to 1.5 hours. Please keep in mind that complex connections may take longer
  • You, or an authorised person over the age of 18, do not need to be present for this appointment.

Installation appointment

  • In most cases, this visit will take between 3 to 4 hours. Please note it could take longer for complex connections.
  • You, or an authorised person over the age of 18, need to be present for this appointment.

Note: If this is too complex (i.e. the conduit is blocked, or there is significant work required outside your premises), the technician may need to leave without completing the installation, to allow time for additional engineering design. Your FTTP provider will be in contact to reschedule your appointment.

Your FTTP provider can also provide more information.

The technician may find that additional pre-installation work is needed.

Our aim is to either return before your scheduled installation appointment or complete the work during the installation appointment. Your preferred provider will advise if any changes to your appointment are required.

Additional minor work may include the installation of new underground nbn infrastructure, such as an upgrade to a pit or replacement of conduit, or above ground, such as a new pole mounted bracket or aerial lead in from the street where necessary.

You or an authorised person over the age of 18, do not need to be present for this visit.

The technician will install the following equipment both inside and outside your premises:

  • The nbn utility box (also known the Premises Connection Device or PCD) on the outside of the premises
  • The nbn connection box (also known as the Network Termination Device or NTD) on the inside or outside of premises

With nbn connection box cover and standard power supply

Where possible, our technicians will try to accommodate your first choice of location.

Please keep in mind that health and safety considerations and some environmental factors such as complex walls, distance to power sources, and proximity and accessibility to the exterior utility box will influence where the technicians can install the equipment.

Therefore, it may not be possible to have the new nbn connection box installed in the same location as your original technology connection points.

If you have a location that you would like the nbn connection box installed that does not meet the specifications above, you may need to engage a licenced cabler to provide a suitable cable path.

Yes. If you are renting your property, make sure that you have the landlord or property manager’s permission before the installation day.

The technician may need to do work that they need to know about – such as drilling into the property walls.

As we are working on a live network, there may be times where there are temporary interruptions to your service. If an outage is required, it will typically be around 30 minutes depending on required remediation activities and the technology that currently services your premises. Your technician will advise you on the day if an outage is required. 

For locations currently connected to FTTC, there may be a planned outage of around 30 minutes in the days leading up to your installation appointment while the technician works on the infrastructure on your street. Your preferred provider will let you know if this is the case. 

nbn will select the optimal way to service the premises based on site conditions. There may be slight disruption (i.e. hand digging) around your premises.

Additionally, movement of items like bins or gardening pots may be required. Sometimes these steps are necessary to clear the pathway for your pre-installation appointment. The technician can be expected to return all items to their original location.

If you have received this type of notification from your FTTP provider, this means it will take longer than usual to upgrade your location to full fibre.

Reasons for this delay can include:

  • nbn needing to do more network infrastructure work in your area before a full fibre connection via FTTP can become finalised at your location
  • nbn may need third-party approval (eg. from other utility infrastructure asset owners) to gain access to complete the nbn network infrastructure work and this often takes time to obtain
  • After the initial visit, an nbn technician has assessed that connecting your location is more complex than a standard connection and further work is required

These delays to your full fibre upgrade relate to nbn activities that must be done before your provider can complete your order. This will affect all FTTP providers offering nbn full fibre upgrades to your location.

As nbn continues this work to deliver full fibre, your FTTP provider will update you with further information about when your order is able to progress.

Device compatibility

Your FTTP provider can guide you what devices you need to connect to the new FTTP connection.

For modems, most nbn compatible modems will work across different technologies. Your provider can help you to check the compatibility of your existing modem with your new FTTP connection, troubleshoot any issues and identify any new connection devices you may need.

nbn recommends you contact your preferred phone and internet provider, and your current device provider, about whether your services, and/or the compatibility of your devices will be impacted.

Important notes


Conditions, eligibility criteria and costs will apply – please speak with your preferred provider. Eligibility criteria includes among other things, being designated by nbn as a simple premises and placing an order for an nbn powered plan based on an eligible wholesale speed tier. Additional costs may apply to providers, who may choose to pass this charge onto their customers.


Please note that network construction will be an ongoing activity beyond the initial volume build for future new developments and a small proportion of premises defined as ‘complex connections’ – which includes properties that are difficult to access, culturally significant areas and heritage sites – where connection depends on factors outside of nbn’s control such as permission from traditional owners.


nbn provides wholesale services to phone and internet providers. nbn wholesale speed tiers available to providers vary depending on the access technology in an end customer’s area. An end customer’s experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn broadband access network, depends on the nbn access network technology and configuration over which services are delivered to their premises, whether they are using the internet during the busy period, and some factors outside of nbn’s control (like their equipment quality, software, chosen broadband plan, signal reception, or how their provider designs its network).