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Your application reference number starts with TC- and has 9 digits. The email address you need to enter is the one that you submitted as the application contact.

Please check your application confirmation email for your application details.

For application submitted before 31 October 2019

Applications submitted before 31 October 2019 have an additional application reference number starting AYCA- or 511066-. You can still enter this application reference number with your email address to log in to the nbn™ Technology Choice Application Tracker.

The nbn™ Technology Choice Application Tracker is available for Individual Premises Switch applications. If don't have an application in progress, please submit an application.
Cancelled applications
This tool is not available if your application has been closed. Please check your email for previous communications from nbn more details.

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Now that you have applied for the nbn™ Technology Choice Program, you can track your progress right here. It may be worth logging in from time-to-time to see how your application is tracking and whether there is any action required on your side. 

We will also continue to contact you by email or phone at the key milestones, including to confirm costs and timings.

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Your application is currently on hold. Please check your email for more information.

Stage 1: Application

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Stage 2: Construction and connection

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