Working on the nbn™ broadband access network

A great network takes a great workforce
We work with a number of nbn™ approved Delivery Partners to build, operate and maintain one of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects – the nbn™ access network.

Our Industry Capability Solutions program ensures each of the 40,000 individuals active on nbn™ enAble™ are equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform their duties safely and to the highest standard.

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Becoming tech and field ready

If you are planning to work on the construction, operation or maintenance of the nbn™ access network, you will need to register on the enAble™ portal and complete the relevant training to become accredited.

Once you have registered and as part of using enAble™, you will be asked to complete two mandatory nbn™ designed eLearns. Both eLearns are delivered completely online and are available at no cost to workers.

Getting nbn™ tech ready

All technical workers are required to prove their competency to perform critical technical activities without supervision on the nbn™ access network, through the nbn™ accreditation model.

As part of this, all in-field workers actively employed by an nbn™ Delivery Partner may qualify for certain nbn™ funded training to ensure that they have the skills needed for the job. Please contact nbn or your relevant Delivery Partner to find out more details.

nbn™ approved Delivery Partners can nominate workers to attend training based on skills gaps that may occur across their workforce. Alternatively, workers can also choose to complete technical skills training before they’re employed by nbn. This can be done at TAFE or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), however this training is not eligible for funding from nbn.

As an in-field worker involved in construction, activation, operation or maintenance of the nbn™ access network, you must hold accreditation. In order to become accredited, you will need to register on enAble™.
Training Programs
Our training programs will give you the skills to help build, operate and maintain the high-quality standards of the nbn™ access network. These programs are nationally recognised and can lead to full qualifications.
About enAble™

By setting up a profile on enAble you will gain access to the information and accreditation required to work on the nbn™ access network. This includes:

  • Completing online training and knowledge tests.
  • Tracking your progress.
  • Staying up to date with accreditation compliance across the external nbn™ workforce.

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