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Working with a business nbn® accredited adviser

Providing Australian businesses with help and advice to realise the possibilities with business nbn

Access to fast broadband services for businesses can lead to increased productivity, education and job-creation opportunities. Unlocking these benefits and ensuring the connection experience is smooth and effective sometimes requires comprehensive knowledge and professional assistance.

This is why nbn has introduced a dedicated program focused on equipping technology advisers with the knowledge and tools to help businesses transition to the nbn broadband access network and embrace a digitised future.

Our trained business nbn accredited adviserscan assist you with determining which business nbn wholesale solution is best suited to your requirements, work with you to create a robust migration plan to help reduce the risk of business disruption, and liaise on your behalf with the various service providers. Some can also help you develop a business specific digital roadmap to help you make the most of the opportunities that access to reliable broadband brings.

How can a business nbn™ accredited adviser benefit your business?

The business nbn ICT Channel Program currently has coverage across almost every region in Australia with 1000+ ICT channel partners registered. Here are some of the benefits of working with a business nbn accredited adviser:

Ensure a smooth transition

Focus on your business with the knowledge that an accredited adviser will be managing your migration.

Minimise risk

Reduce your risk of issues and delays during migration arising from lack of knowledge about the capabilities of the nbn. Working with a partner who understands the technology can help ensure a smoother process.

Choose the right solution

Better understand the needs of each of your business sites to help you choose the best business nbn solution to suit your needs.

Choose the right business equipment and systems

Be prepared ahead of time for any extra requirements such as equipment and services that may be affected when migrating to the nbn broadband access network.

Navigate nbn™  

Keep up with fast-changing technology while escaping the nbn jargon and leaving the trained advisers to navigate your business forward. 

Start digitising your business

Develop a strategy to help transform your business and ensure it is fit for purpose now and into the future.

#business nbn™ accredited advisers have undertaken a short course on the nbn™ broadband access network. nbn does not sponsor, endorse or guarantee any advice given or representations made (including any recommendations to purchase goods and services or purchase telecommunication services over the nbn™ access network from a phone or internet service provider) and does not guarantee the accuracy of that advice or representation.