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The nbn™ network makes a splash in Mandurah

As the nbn™ network starts to roll into Mandurah, we discover the town best known for its stunning waterways and abundant sea life.

Towns and cities all across Australia are beginning to connect to the nbn™ network, so we’re celebrating the historic moments, landmarks or features that put each area on the map.

With white sand beaches that stretch along the coastline to a spectacular marina in the town centre, and the Peel Harvey estuary which is twice the size of Sydney harbour, the glistening town of Mandurah, WA is undoubtedly home to some of Australia’s best sea life.

In fact, residents have a whole festival dedicated to showcase the abundant and fresh produce that comes from local waters each year. While delicious crab-inspired dishes are the big draw card for crustacean lovers at the annual Mandurah Crab Fest, you can also expect to find live cooking demonstrations, musical performances, extreme sports, water entertainment and more along the vibrant foreshore area.

There are fishing spots aplenty in Mandurah, with prawning a popular activity for locals in the early summer. The Peel Harvey estuary is also the perfect spot to drop a line in the hope to catch herring, sand whiting, bream, tailor or even blue swimmer crab for tucker.

Food aside, the area also boasts one of Australia’s healthiest populations of dolphins. These magical creatures are frequently spotted by locals in the Mandurah Bay all year round, meaning dining and walking along the city’s shoreline can often be a special experience.

The town’s Senior Centre is the perfect place for retirees, offering a range of weekly activities including craft and games. During the week, seniors can also participate in classes that help to develop computing skills, along with courses on cyber safety and digital hub sessions. With the nbn™ network arriving in town, residents both young and old are set to become more connected and internet savvy than ever.

The area also embodies a great community spirit and has come a long way from what once was a small sea-side town. Many locals volunteer their time to proudly display the city’s heritage and history at the Mandurah Community Museum including photographs, objects and information reflecting the progression over the years.

There’s little doubt the nbn™ network rollout will help to transform a close, waterside community into a connected city. In fact, Mandurah is set to become bigger and brighter, with the opportunity to showcase some of the world’s best marine life, stunning blue waters and mouth-watering food at the click of a button.

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Welcome to the nbn™ network, Mandurah! Check your address below to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.

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