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Manage your family's health with the click of a button

A look at three online services that are helping us keep our loved ones' health in check.

Managing one’s own health, let alone the health of an entire family, can often be complicated and frantic if managed incorrectly.

The rush of daily life often pushes less urgent health administration tasks to the back of our mind, as everyday tasks take priority.  

Luckily, forgotten appointments, missed medication and unnecessary trips to the pharmacist may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a number of internet-based tools that make health administration a snap.

We’ve reviewed three tools that can help keep you and your family’s health on track.

1. eHealth 

The eHealth service is a jump into the 21st century by the Australian Government.

It provides a secure, official electronic summary of your health records, which is accessible by you over the Internet from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Having an eHealth record also allows healthcare providers to access your key health information all from one place, should you allow them access.

Being able to access an electronic health summary can be crucial in providing faster and easier access to treatment and allergy records for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals when patients are being looked after.

2. Bupa MedAdvisor

One in five Aussies report experiencing a problem with their medication, with many of these problems being caused by incorrect administration.

This online program from health insurance company Bupa is the equivalent of having permanent access to your own personal online pharmacist.

It seamlessly connects you – through your computer, tablet and smartphone – to your prescription records from over 1200 pharmacies within the MedAdvisor network across Australia.

This allows you to keep track of all your pharmaceutical activity, complete with details and instructions. With reminders also available with the service, you’ll never miss a script.

3. Microsoft HealthVault

HealthVault, from tech goliath Microsoft, is a tool of astonishing practicality when it comes to managing your family’s health.

Completely web-based, the program allows families to easily add and store complete health records, from complex health issues to general wellbeing, all in one place.

For parents of young ones, the ability to track and keep information about immunisations, allergies and more at your fingertips will certainly save some headaches.

It will help ensure that they won’t have to wait for the paediatrician’s office to send records each time a school camp or sports season starts up.

Thanks to online programs allowing quick and reliable service, the modern family can now go about daily life whilst effortlessly staying on top of their health admin.

As our nation becomes increasingly connected, the online management of things such as family health are set to become even more efficient and crucial within society.

Check your address to see when you and your new family could be connecting to the nbn™ network.

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