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Women’s health gets ‘appy’

Skip long waits in the GP room and get up to speed with e-health.

We always hear that Australians are looking to lead healthier lifestyles but research shows that 57% aren’t currently living the ‘healthy Australian dream’.

However, innovative digital health services are increasingly making it more enticing and convenient for women to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Telsyte’s tech research expert Foad Fadaghi shares his insights into some of the exciting emerging trends in the women’s eHealth space:

  • eFitness – research shows that more than 800,000 fitness bands were sold in Australian in 2014 and a huge 82% regular daily users are female, compared to 67% of men*
  • ePrescriptions – some repeat prescriptions could be granted online rather than having to visit a GP
  • eHealth services – imagine taking a reading of your blood pressure or cholesterol, sending it instantly to your GP, naturopath or physio and getting the all-clear without having to leave the comfort of your home or interrupt a busy lifestyle

  • ePregnancy support – round the clock access to expertise to help answer questions faster and alleviate much of the stress associated with early parenthood

With access to fast broadband via the NBN, many digital health services could go global and offer further access to medical experts and technology from around the world – all from the comfort of your own home. Not only could this reduce medical related travel (and waiting times) but it will also help create better preventative health measures and faster diagnosis.

This eHealth boom is only expected to continue in line with our increasingly digital lives. As we embrace faster internet and more interactive devices, the sky is the limit for new innovations catering to all stages of our health.


*Telyste Australian Digital Consumer Study 2015

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