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Dial-a-doctor: Aussies go digital to manage health at home

How fast broadband is helping connect us to anytime, anywhere healthcare.

Between work commitments, social diaries and family time, health often takes a backseat in busy schedules. A new nbn research has found that the Aussies most likely to feel the pinch are those ‘sandwiched’ between caring for their children and elderly parents.

The good news is, fast broadband in homes is enabling this ‘sandwich generation’ to harness telehealth services and manage their family’s health from home.

According to the nbn™ Digital Health At Home report the vast majority of the 'sandwich generation' have delayed a GP visit to avoid wasting time, losing money and having to take days off work.

Instead, this group is opting to make the most of the telehealth services available to them, including GP video conferencing and in-home monitoring for the elderly.

Telehealth is offering these time-poor Aussies the opportunity to prioritise and manage their personal and family healthcare from home.

nbn™ Digital Health At Home

How fast broadband is helping connect us to anytime, anywhere healthcare.
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Here are some of the key findings from the nbn™ Digital Health At Home report:

  • Aussies are managing health at home: Half of Aussies (50 per cent) access telehealth for convenience, one third (34 per cent) use it to better manage personal or family health, and one in five (20 per cent) use it when they can’t get in to see a doctor;

  • Parents are saving time and money online: Around one third (37 per cent) of pregnant women and new parents harness telehealth to save time and avoid costs of GP and hospital visits (30 per cent);

  • Information is key to a happier and healthier future: With better awareness of telehealth services, more than half (62 per cent) of Aussies would feel more equipped to make health decisions, feel safer knowing they can monitor health from home (57 per cent), and be more efficient and productive (49 per cent).

  • Telehealth bridging the health divide: One in three (30 per cent) regionally located Aussies use telehealth and one in five (20 per cent) do so to access health services not available in their location.

Dr. Ginni Mansberg, Sydney GP and family health expert says, "Juggling work and family commitments can mean getting to the doctor is tough, and often people put off a visit purely because they don’t have the time. Now, as more Australians gaining access to the nbn™ network, they are being empowered to manage their health from home. Everything from testing blood pressure and skin cancer checks, to in-home monitoring for the elderly, can now be done online from the comfort of people’s homes.”

Dr. James Freeman, founding owner of GP2U, a company that provides healthcare via video-conference says the health divide in Australia is a real issue. "Unfortunately not all Aussies are receiving the medical attention they need. However, as GPs and specialist start to offer digital services, people can receive healthcare through video-conferencing. “

“Telehealth is also offering a time-efficient solution for city-based patients, offering anytime, anywhere healthcare.”

As Australians harness fast Internet speeds and become more aware of the tools available to them at the click of a button, telehealth services will allow people to become active participants in managing their health from home.

Check your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.

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