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Baby steps into parenthood: Tech to help new mums and dads

A look at assistive technologies designed to make life easier for new parents.

There is no denying that becoming a parent for the first time is a daunting task.

Even with the availability of a sea of information - from parenting magazines to dedicated websites to well-meaning advice from loved ones - it’s still hard to know the "right" answers to some common questions. (How long you should let your newborn sleep or why they’re crying again). 

However, the parenting landscape is going through a quiet transformation, thanks to innovative technology that will help make life a lot easier for the sleep-deprived first-time mums and dads.

While some of us might favour the more traditional ways of parenting, exciting developments in the "baby world" can assist with some of the teething issues that new parents face.

We take a look at four such technologies:

The Sproutling baby monitor

Sproutling baby monitor. Photo courtesy: Sproutling

This device is on a small band that's put around the baby's ankle, and is equipped with a smart sensor designed to monitor their heart rate, temperature, movements and even their position. 

Remote monitoring through your smartphone app means that the app should help you know how your baby is sleeping, if they’ve rolled over, even right down to when they might wake up. 

The monitor gathers data over time, meaning that the it should get to know your bub better and learn their sleeping patterns to more accurately predict the wake-up time. 

This device requires Wi-Fi accessibility and a mobile device using iOS8. There is currently a waitlist for this product so check their website for more information.* 

The Withings Smart Baby monitor

Withings baby monitor. Photo sourtesy: Withings Press Kit

It may be small in size but the Withings Smart Baby monitor is jam-packed with features. The HD camera allows you to have greater visibility of your baby's nursery, with the ability to zoom up to four times and pan and tilt the camera to look around the room.

Built-in sensors monitor the temperature and humidity of the room so you can determine the best conditions for your baby to sleep in.

The Withings Smart Baby monitor also turns into a nightlight if the baby is distressed. Other features include a high-quality audio feed that is designed to pick up the breathing of your baby, and a push-to-talk button through the app so you can chat to your little one.

This product is currently only delivering to North America, Canada and Mexico but check back to their website regularly for news on Australian shipments.*

Baby Gigl

Photo courtesy: Baby Gigl Press Kit

Baby Gigl is a new smart baby bottle holder that allows you to track exactly how much and how quickly your baby is drinking, by using the accompanying tablet and smart phone app.

The bottle also alerts you on feeding technique, especially on how to hold the bottle properly to help ensure that your baby is not swallowing air.

Being fed properly can help with sleeping and also help to reduce colic and gas.

The app’s baby journal can also make it easier for parents to keep track of meal patterns as the baby continues to grow. Baby Gigl will be hit the market in 2016.*

The Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

Photo courtesy: Hatch Baby Press Kit

The Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad is the nursery addition you never knew you needed.

The change table allows parents to track growth, feedings, nappy changes and sleep - all through their smartphones.

The app allows for all information to be kept in the one place, making it easy to track your bubba's growth week-to-week.

All stock is currently sold out due to the overwhelming demand for the product. Keep an eye on the website for updates for re-stock.*

With more assistive and connected technologies set to impact how millennials raise their children, fast broadband will be essential.

Check your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.

*nbn does not endorse this product – you must make your own enquiries about whether this product is suitable for you and your baby’s needs.

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