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More Chromecast apps you should definitely check out

Looking for some Chromecast apps to try? These will keep you busy in a number of ways.

Want to get more out of your Chromecast? These apps let you combine your big screen with the internet for different ways to stay entertained and informed.  

What is Chromecast?

Similar to Apple TV, Google Chromecast attaches to your TV.

You can use it to cast your favourite shows, videos and websites from your computer to the big screen over the internet, using your iPhone or Android smartphone as a remote control where necessary.  

Surfing the web

Chrome browser

It's a good idea to get started with Chrome Browser, which lets you turn your TV into a giant computer screen.

Accessing Chrome Browser with your Chromecast opens the door to all the websites you visit regularly to work, shop and play.

Chrome Browser is smart enough to remember passwords as well as personal details like your mailing address (great when you’re shopping online). It also lets you bookmark pages for fast access to the websites you use most.

Listening to tunes


Tune in to your most loved radio program via Chromecast on the iHeartRadio app.

This software not only lets you listen to your local Australian favourites, it gives you access to thousands of music, talk and sporting radio stations around the world.

There is no charge for an iHeartRadio membership, however there are regular ad breaks.  

Google Play Music

Music lovers will appreciate having countless tracks at their fingertips and being able to stream them through the speakers attached to their television.

One of the benefits of Google Play Music is that it will make suggestions on what to listen to next based on your musical preferences.

For a monthly subscription fee, Google Play Music gives you access to its entire catalogue of over 35 million tracks as well as podcasts.

If you want the free version, you get expert curated radio that includes advertisements.  

Watching shows and movies

ABC iView / ABC iView Kids

Catch up with your favourite ABC programs and watch uninterrupted streams of prime time dramas, chat shows and news programs for free.

Most shows are available for up to 14 days after being broadcast and the app has functions for creating watchlists and displaying closed captions.

For the littlies, ABC Kids on iView lets you stream hours of precocious pigs, bumbling bananas, troublesome trains and ocean-dwelling otters.  


Stream movies and shows from around the world with Netflix for Chromecast.

Steadily growing in popularity since being launched in Australia, this paid-subscription based app allows you to add up to five profiles and has settings for kid friendly zones that restrict adult content.

Netflix will remember exactly where you left off on the most recent shows you have been watching and will make recommendations based on your viewing history.  

Playing games

Angry Bird Friends

The “Friends” version of Angry Birds lets you play in a more social setting. Each week, two new ‘tournaments’ prompt you to challenge your mates or play against people around the world.

When playing with Chromecast, you can turn your smartphone into a remote control and use it to fling your furious flyers. High scorers are rewarded by climbing in the leagues and earning rewards.

Wheel of Fortune

Once you have had enough of throwing birds at pigs, why not buy a vowel or two in Wheel of Fortune?

While Aussie players will have to remind themselves of US spellings, there is still plenty of fun to be had, with over 1,000 puzzles to come up against. The app invites you to play on your own or against friends.  

Getting physical

Motion Tennis Cast

Combine entertainment with activity on a rainy day by playing a virtual tennis match.

This game turns your smartphone into a Nintendo Wii style controller and tracks the calories you burn as you hit and giggle. Users can switch between court surfaces and come up against remote opponents.

Check out Motion Tennis Cast.

Just Dance Now

Pump up the jam and dance like nobody's watching. This game connects with your smartphone, scoring you on how well you can keep up with the moves on the screen.

Break it down and groove to recent hit songs including Gangnam Style and Pharrell Williams’ Happy. Features allow you to create playlists, see how many calories you've burned and have dance-offs with players around the world.

User reviews warn Just Dance Now players to keep a tight grip on their smartphones - a loose hold combined with over-enthusiastic flailing can result in disaster.  

One of the great things about plugin smart tech is that it's portable. Check out our blog on how to take your connected home with you on holiday.

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