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How connected gaming is bringing together Aussie families

Read the story of how connected gaming with the nbn™ network has brought an Aussie dad and his son closer together.

Many Aussie families are taking advantage of new possibilities to connect with one another with the nbn™ network. The popularity of connected gaming has led to an explosion of online interaction between gamers, creating a new social network that is bringing families and gamers closer together.

Families and strangers alike are logging in by the droves to team up and compete in virtual gaming worlds, breaking down barriers of time, location, language and even disability.

With 86% of Australian parents gaming with their kids*, it was natural fit for Mark McGlinn, an avid gamer from Maitland NSW, to encourage his son Brett to join in. Brett was diagnosed with Autism, and since he’s been gaming, Mark has seen a significant improvement in his confidence.



Along with regular therapy, the regular communication he has with other gamers via a headset in online Share Play environments is helping Brett develop social skills, while enjoying quality time with his dad.

“Brett and I often play games at home. Since Brett started gaming I’ve seen a huge difference in his speech and learning – and he’s learning some problem solving and teamwork skills as well.

“What’s really great about it, though, is that those skills and experiences are helping him in other ways. He’s made some close friends online which has helped him feel more confident with other kids at school.

“I’ve loved watching him make those connections and get a lot of happiness – and a sense of achievement – through gaming.”

With connections as close as these becoming more and more common, it’s no wonder game developers are seizing the opportunity to create fully immersive Share Play environments that fuel the fire of connectivity.

93% of Australian households own a device for gaming* and as more games integrate elements of Share Play environments, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a meeting place for gamers across the world.

The connectivity that the nbn™ network provides is helping support the success of online entertainment and in doing so creating new opportunities to bring Aussies closer together.



*IGEA Digital Australia Report 2014, based on a study of 1,220 Australian households and 3,398 individuals from a national online sample. Research was designed and constructed by Bond University.

**Videogames and Wellbeing: A comprehensive review 2013. Research was conducted by Queensland University of Technology, University of Sunshine Coast and supported by Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.


Watch how the McGlinn family connected with another Aussie family via online gaming.

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