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Click to play! Board games to beat summer boredom

A few favourite classic online board games to keep you entertained over lazy weekends or at dinner parties.


Games are a brilliant way to pass the time and keep the brain entertained. The digital age has completely transformed the art of gaming, with many people immersing themselves in complicated 3D worlds of warfare and fantasy regularly.

But it’s the simple things that can sometimes be the most fun.

The power of nostalgia is an incredible thing, many people have formative memories of time spent with their family fighting for real estate on the Monopoly board, or battling brains over Trivial Pursuit.

Technology has turned back the clock a little with a resurgence of retro video games and classic board games available to play online.

The touchable and interactive nature of tablets also make the classics even more engaging for those lazy summer nights with loved ones.

So instead of dragging out the dusty old games that might be missing pieces, all you need is a good internet connection and great company to enjoy many classic board games. 


The humble game of Scrabble has been given a digital makeover that has enabled people to play it anywhere, at any time. Words with Friends is a word game similar to Scrabble that has become an obsession for many word-game lovers. 

Its popularity has also opened up Scrabble to many people who might not play the game otherwise.

Fun, free and social, Words with Friends can be played on your computer, tablet, mobile or through Facebook.



Monopoly has been given an international and interactive upgrade with Monopoly the World Edition.

This updated classic now allows you jet-set around the world and pass over six continents before you even pass GO!

See the game jump to life with animated features and easy interactive gameplay. 

Challenge friends and even customise the game rules if you like to have your own way.


It is available to play online through Pogo Games or available as iOS appfor your tablet or mobile.  

Free and paid

Trivial Pursuit

You don’t have to be a general knowledge genius to enjoy Trivial Pursuit online.

Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 is an online game that gives you a 20-question game to play each day. 

The aim of the game is to answer correctly as quickly as possible to earn points.

It’s free to trial but if you want extra functionality you’ll need to sign up for membership with Pogo Club – an online games hub that gives you access to 44 exclusive online games. There is also a Trivial Pursuit Master Edition that has been designed for iPad.

You can play with friends, track your stats, set difficulty levels and enjoy HD-quality graphics while you play. Start swotting up!

Free and paid

There is a vibrant online community available at eCribbage who are dedicated to revitalising Cribbage.


Created in the early 17th century, Cribbage has virtually gone unchanged and remains one of the most popular games in the English-speaking world. It’s a card game for multiple players that, simply put, involves playing and grouping cards for points.

There is a vibrant online community available at eCribbage who are dedicated to revitalising Cribbage.

eCribbage offers a wide variety of game variations to keep you entertained and you can play anyone online in real-time and take part in global tournaments every day.

Big time players need a big broadband connectionCheck your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.

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