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Turning your dreams into reality in the digital age

Wellness expert and life coach Lyndall Mitchell says digital visualisation is the key to living your best lifestyle.

Successful people have a vision - success is not just a stroke of luck.

A majority of Australians (93 per cent) have a life goal that we haven’t been able to achieve. Having a vision is key to getting you that step closer to achieving these goals and living your dream lifestyle.

With all the digital resources we have available today, creating that vision is easier than ever, and can also be done online from the comfort of your own home.

The first step to realising your dream is to first visualise it. Given our subconscious minds work in pictures, one of the most effective ways to do this is through a strong visual queue.

Creating a vision board gives you the opportunity to pick from a plethora of global, impactful, and inspiring visual representations that embody your goal.

Maybe it’s to signify the moment you own your own home, or the feeling you get planning your next holiday, or the new fit and healthy version of you.

To get you a step closer to that goal you are dreaming of, take action through three simple vision creation steps.

Step 1: Your Vision Statement

Start by writing a short vision statement of where you would like to be in three years' time and categorise these into the following:

  • Finances
  • Mind & body
  • Life experiences
  • Relationships
  • Education, work, career

Remember to focus on how you feel, not just how you think, paying attention to the hopes and dreams you so desire. Think big and bold, unedited by fears and unlimited by lack of money, skills or time.  

Step 2: Get documenting

Create a space for your vision to live.

There is an array of brilliant online tools and apps like Pinterest that make creating a visual document so much easier and effortless. Use keywords from your vision statement to steer the similar visual cues to tie it all together.

Step 3: Setting a daily reminder

Once you have completed your work of art, save it to your computer or laptop as a reminder to keep you aligned with your goals.

An easy way is to save to your home screen so every time you refresh it, you are refreshing your vision in your mind.

Step 4: Explore online tools 

So often life gets in the way of us fulfilling our dreams, but as more Australians gain access to fast internet at home, they are able to access a plethora of new services at the click of a button.

What to change careers? Jump online and explore the course list from Open Colleges.

Want to be there for your granddaughter's first steps, but she lives overseas? Take advantage of video conferencing services online to keeping in touch.

Is your dream to strike that perfect work/life balance? Now teleworking is enabling people from all over the country to make the sea-change or e-change they’ve always wanted.*

Creating a clear vision puts you in the driver seat of your life and will accelerate your progression to living a full, happy and rich life.

Lyndall Mitchell was appointed by nbn as a media spokesperson for the Connected Lifestyles campaign.

The nbn™ Digital Dream Report has revealed Australians' top life goals and how access to fast broadband will help us achieve our lifelong ambitions. Find out more in our special blog series, and watch the video below to meet inspirational Aussies who are living a more connected life.

Check your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™network.

*Your experience including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises and some factors outside our control like your equipment quality, software, broadband plans, signal quality and how your service provider designs its network. Access to your work network will depend on factors outside our control like your organisation’s IT policy and infrastructure.

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