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Flipping Aussie classrooms

How the NBN is revolutionising learning in the classroom and at home.

Access to high speed broadband via the NBN is opening up new learning opportunities and ‘flipping’ the way students understand and access information such as:

  • Connecting students to the ‘last mile’ at home as well as at school – parents don’t need to have a shelf full of encylopedias to answer tricky homework questions and are now more empowered to help their children find information and resources online.
  • A classroom of teachers with technology – as more classrooms are kitted out with tablets rather than textbooks, learners will be work more collaboratively with each other and can more readily figure out solutions to problems rather than expecting teachers to provide all the answers.
  • World of expertise with no restrictions to information – access to ubiquitous fast broadband via the NBN will help create a level playing field for all Aussie learners as they will be able to tap into global experts and new sources of information from anywhere in the country.

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