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Apps and tools to help save the planet

It can be easy being green.

Whether you’re a bona-fide eco-ambassador or just someone willing to do their part, there’s a swath of online tools to help you make a difference to the planet.

Access the following on your smartphone or computer to help you be on your way to creating a better world.


Image courtesy: RecycleSmart on the Google Play store.

Built in conjunction with Planet Ark, the RecycleSmart app aims to educate Australians and create a cleaner environment for all.

It shows you how to correctly dispose of close to 200 everyday items including plastics, glass, batteries, pizza boxes and more.

It shares the specific recycling guidelines of hundreds of local councils so that you can make sure you’re doing the right thing for your particular area.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Ride Sharing 

Need to get there but don’t want to take your car?

Ride sharing can reduce traffic congestion and fuel emissions, earning you a big thumbs-up from team green.

You could sign up for a carpooling network and potentially even travel for less.

By sharing the cost of petrol and potentially paying for parking, you could end up saving on travel costs.

Search for websites and apps like CarpoolOne and Hitch-A-Ride, or even check your local Gumtree listings to find out if you can buddy up on your next long or short journey.  


Image courtesy: Oroeco on the Google Play store.

Everyone loves a game! Oroeco makes one out of being good to the planet.

With the help of a carbon footprint calculator, Oroeco tracks your climate impact and shows you how every part of your daily routine affects the planet.

A great idea for families and singles alike, this global app provides personal suggestions to help you lower your carbon footprint and shows you how you could save money on your travel and power bills.

It also lets you collaborate and compare with friends, to find out which of you is the ultimate eco-warrior.

You can use Oroeco online or download it to your iOS or Android device.


If it’s too good to throw away, go online!

The ‘freecycling’ movement encourages people to keep consumer goods out of landfill by swapping, sharing and passing on.

You can sign up to your local group to find and donate furniture, toys, tools, kitchen appliances and much more.
A wide range of people get in on the action of freecycling.

Many are moving home and don’t have time to deal with buying/selling websites. Some have received unwanted gifts and others share because of the goodness of their hearts.

The common goal is to reduce rubbish by passing things across to people in need.

Get started at and see if there's a group in your area.


You can reduce the amount of fuel waste and improve the sustainability of the food industry by getting as much of your weekly food as possible from local providers.

Check out a site like LocalHarvest to locate restaurants that source local produce and suppliers that you can buy from direct.

You will be able to feel good from knowing that you are supporting the business endeavours of your near neighbours.  


Image courtesy: #climate on the Apple App Store.

Social media allows you to share your personal memos on environmental awareness as well the messages of others.

By downloading the #climate app, you can check in on some of the biggest climate change actions and campaigns. From there, the app encourages you to learn more or become involved yourself.

#climate also makes it easy for you to promote the good work of others via networks like Twitter and Facebook.

This may help the organisations you support to raise money and awareness of their efforts.

You can grab #climate on iOS.  


Image courtesty: Dirtgirlworld on the Apple App Store.

If you have small children, you probably won’t have been able to miss Dirt Girl episodes on ABC Kids.

The lively redhaired horticulturalist and her friends entertain while teaching children about green living, gardening and sustainability.

The Dirtgirlworld website, shop and iOS app are designed to encourage children to get outside and be aware of their environment.

These fun, interactive digital resources show them how to grow and harvest seeds, and also provides videos and songs to play along the way.  

When it comes to the environment, every little bit counts. Make the most of these easy, fun and innovative tools and start making a difference yourself.

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