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The Prospect looks bright for Adelaide’s Silicon City

Outer Adelaide now a cradle for creative start-ups.

Adelaide is home to beautiful churches, kilometers of vineyards and flanked by a stunning coastline.

It’s hard to keep a finger on the pulse of this once sleepy state as it reinvents itself to be a moving beast of creative energy and ideas.

Located just north of Adelaide’s Centre, Prospect is the perfect spot to enjoy city living without the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

Adelaide once got its start in retail and manufacturing, but it’s the creative industry now taking over areas like Prospect which hosts a menagerie of public art, impromptu musical performances, creative pop ups, and design agencies.

Prospect is merging this appetite for creativity with fast broadband availability to increase its knowledge-based economy and is now being recognised as a community set to prosper in the digital age.

With its strong Digital Economy Strategy, the city was recently nominated in the Smart21 Intelligent Community of 2015 - only one of four Australian cities to be awarded this title. 

For the design-driven, fast broadband can bolster business for many of the local start-ups and keep talent in the region.

Working anywhere, anytime:

Director of Economics at the City of Prospect, Matt Grant knows the business and lifestyle benefits fast broadband can bring to those in Prospect.

“Fast broadband brings equitable access for everyone, you can work wherever you are, wherever you want to be.”

Hidden in a renovated church out back of a residential property is a design studio that is fully embracing the digital future as well as a great work/life balance.

Toolbox director, Adam Carpenter says the nbn™ network is a game changer for his business because it gives them the ability to do whatever they need to do as a business and not worry about connection holding them back.

The company can communicate easily with clients online – the increased upload speeds mean that Adam can transfer files much faster, and spend less time watching the clock.

Living a stone’s throw away from the office means Adam can also experience the benefits to his home life as well.

With his brother living in the U.S., Adam says it's great for the kids to be able to bond with their uncle through FaceTime and Skype.

And the short walk to work means no more city traffic!


Check your address to find out when the nbn™ network is available at your home or business.

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