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Expert sings praises for Sydney Opera House digital education report

Stephen Heppell talks about a recent digital education report which brings world class performances straight to the classroom.

Stephen Heppell is a leading voice in online education working with governments, international agencies, schools and communities across the world - and he sits on BAFTA's Board of Trustees!

With a background in teaching and ICT, Stephen was thrilled by a recent study conducted by the Sydney Opera House - From Bennelong to the Nation.

Teachers, students and families across regional and remote Australia took part in a trial to combine performing arts and vocational learning to highlight the importance of broadband for education.

The report found interactive performance led to high levels of engagement with the students and higher bandwidth resulted in higher quality audio and video, leading to a better, more engaged experience.

Imagine being able to go backstage and talk to performers and celebrities from across the globe from the classroom! Children will no longer be passive observers during performances and will have the opportunity to engage and interact with those on the other end of the lens.

As the nbn™ network continues to expand and schools embrace an increasingly digital future this dream will become more of a reality in day-to-day education, breaking down physical limits for children across Australia.

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