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NBN helps Tassie business to “grow and grow and grow!”

Getting on board the NBN has helped Courtney Statewide Computer Services take its game to the next level – watch the video to see how!

Michael Courtney – owner of Courtney Statewide Computer Services – moved his business to Scottsdale, Tasmania because he knew the NBN was available in the area – and it’s a decision he’s pretty pleased with.

Michael says that getting on the NBN has given his company an “edge” because it helps them to complete formerly time-consuming tasks “quicker and faster” because of….

  • Vastly improved upload and download speeds
  • Run multiple high-bandwidth applications simultaneously
  • Operate multiple VoIP phone-lines

In addition, Michael says that the NBN has helped his company generate new business interest from customers all over Australia.

So, as Michael says, “Step up, move forward, get online with the NBN and you won’t look back!”

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