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How Tamworth’s one-bar blues found a new tempo

The pace of country life was way too slow for farmers Penny Webb and Brett Newton when it came to home entertainment. But that’s all changed, thanks to the nbn™ network.

Living near Australia’s Country Music Capital was giving Penny Webb the one-bar blues.

“That’s all we saw on our computer. One bar,” she said.

But then she discovered her cattle and sheep farm, 20 kilometres outside Tamworth in New South Wales, could be connected to the nbn™ network.

“It’s transformed our lives and I couldn’t be happier,” says Ms Webb, who also works in a real estate office in Tamworth.

She hadn’t realised the nbn™ network was available in her area until a neighbour suggested she check her address.

When she discovered she could be connected, she signed up through her preferred service provider immediately.

Brett Newton in action cutting out cattle. Photo courtesy Penny Webb.

“We were hooked up in no time and now all our phones and iPads and computers are working perfectly. It’s like nothing I have ever experienced with the internet.*

“Even my partner Brett, who had nothing to do with computers before, is Googling away looking at tractors and things.”

But the real reason Ms Webb is so delighted is that she can now follow her passion, campdrafting competitions, over the internet.

The contests, livestreamed by LMHTV, can be watched on a smart TV, or computer, tablet or smartphone.

“When the heat knocks you over, there’s nothing I like better than retreating to an air-conditioned room on the farm and watching these events,” says Ms Webb.

“I run horses on the farm and Brett loves drafting but I am an enthusiastic spectator. I can sit and watch a big event for four or five hours at a time.

“The thing is (our service is) so cost-effective and it’s so reliable. It really has made a big difference to us.”*

In Richmond NSW, the Show Horse Council of Australasia had its Grand National Championships livestreamed over the internet from the Sydney Equestrian Centre in March.

Kirsti Canty, of LMHTV, who ran the livestream from the equestrian centre, said “We struggle to get our livestreams into some areas so I’m hanging out for the nbn to be rolled out in more areas,” she said.


* nbn™ is very happy with Ms Webb’s experience with the nbn™ network. Of course, people’s experiences may vary. Your experience including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network depends on some factors outside our control. This includes the software and equipment used by you and your service provider, your broadband plan and your service provider’s network design.


Check your address to see when you could be joining the nbn™ network

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