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What does the nbn network mean for your business?

Control your digital future

Today, you might just need internet access to email your customers. But tomorrow, who knows what your business might need - you could have a whole wave of new customers that rely on you upgrading to a new bandwidth intensive technology. A plan over the nbn access network helps put you in control and get ready for whatever the next digital revolution brings.

Widening your customer net

Whether you're looking to grow, or just looking after your current stable of customers, having fast internet speeds can help you provide them with the best possible experience. The nbn access network is helping to create a national digital community where fast internet speeds are expected to be the norm.

A level playing field for business

With a single access network available to all providers, the nbn access network facilitates a competitive market at a retail level. So now, providers can compete on service and value, and you can choose the best for each of your separate business requirements.

Enjoy enhanced online performance and increased productivity

Check your address to find out if Australia's new broadband access network is available in your area