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Fact sheets on the nbn® network

Simple one-page guides with the most important things you need to know.

Traffic Class 1 (voice)

TC1 is primarily used to support voice services - specifically Voice over IP (VoIP).
Download (PDF - 75 KB)

Traffic Class 2 (data)

TC2 is designed to provide access to high performance data for applications and services that require consistent, predictable download and upload speed requirements.
Download (PDF - 95 KB)

Traffic Class 4 (internet)

TC4 is primarily for general internet and standard data services.
Download (PDF - 456 KB)

Enhanced Service Level Agreements (eSLA)

eSLAs means nbn will provide a higher level of support to your service provider, who in turn should be able to provide a better level of support to you.
Download (PDF - 82 KB)

Special Services

Special Services include Ethernet Lite, Broadband Digital Subscriber Lines (BDSL), and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) phone and internet lines.
Download (PDF - 663 KB)

business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet has been developed to offer a simple product construct, allowing fibre-based access across your nbn™ connected sites.
Download (PDF - 584 KB)

Prepare your business for the switch

Is your business ready for the nbn™ access network? To help prepare you for the switch, use our handy checklist to tick off important items, determine which services and equipment may be affected, and find out what you need to do next.

Enjoy enhanced online performance and increased productivity

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