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NBN helps pave the way for next-generation farming

The arrival of the NBN has helped transform the way the Kirby Smart Farm in Armidale, NSW, does business – watch the video to find out how! 

The Kirby Smart Farm in Armidale, NSW – which produces merino wool, beef cattle and various grains for livestock feed - was one of the first mainland farms connected to the NBN fixed wireless service and next-generation broadband is helping to transform the way the farm operates.

High quality NBN connectivity has helped the farm introduce farming techniques and technologies including…..

  • Remote monitoring of soil moisture levels and environmental conditions
  • Low cost wireless cattle tracking systems to understand livestock activity
  • Improved farm efficiency via video-monitoring of key equipment
  • Instant high-quality communication with external experts around the world

The aim of the Smart Farm project is to provide a practical way to show the benefits of the high speed broadband to farmers and related agribusiness companies and organisations – watch the video to find out more…

Kirby ‘Smart’ Farm is a 7,000 acre commercial farm that also develops agriculture technology with the CSIRO for the benefit of all farmers. See how Professor David Lamb and his team from the University of New England use dynamic tracking and monitoring equipment connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) to get the most out of the farm.

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