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Committed to keeping you informed

At nbn we are working to make it easier to get the information you need, when you need it.

If you’ve been following the rollout or checking your address on our website, you’ll be pleased to know you can now register with us and we will get in touch when the nbn™ network is available at your address.

Registration is quick and easy, you only need to enter your address and supply a few basic details.

If the nbn™ network is already available at your address, you can register to receive helpful email updates, including:

  • What services could be impacted
  • The steps to moving your services
  • Equipment and installation information

  • The switch off date at your address
  • The benefits of fast broadband for your home or business and the rest of Australia
  • Access to a list of phone and internet providers in your area

If you’re not in the rollout yet, you can register to be notified as soon as the nbn™ network is available at your address.

Wherever you live in Australia, nbn will send you information specific to your address to ensure you are kept in the loop.

Get started today, check your address and register.

Rhys Jarvis is General Manager, Digital & CRM at nbn.

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