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Mustering up the fleet

nbn is adding another four vehicles to our highly successful Road Muster truck fleet.

Since their launch just over a year ago, the satellite-dish-equipped four wheel drives have racked up more than 90,000 kilometres traversing the continent from Kununurra to Kyneton, spreading the word on our Sky Muster™ satellite service.

Along with being invaluable assets at stakeholder events, community forums and shopping centres, they have also proved their worth during natural disasters impacting the network, such as Queensland’s Cyclone Debbie.

Now an extra four specially enhanced vehicles designed to operate more effectively in emergency situations are being added to the mix.

Each of the new 'Muster 2.0' vehicles boasts enhanced network equipment designed to improve connectivity and reliability during deployment to disaster zones.

New features include:

  • The ability to simultaneously operate a secure wi-fi hotspot around the truck itself along with public access wi-fi in a nearby building such as a community hall for disaster victims
  • Industrial grade computer gear designed to better withstand the effects of heat, dust and vibration
  • Mobile phone access for up to six emergency workers via VoIP in remote areas where mobile reception or infrastructure is not available
  • A built-in mobile repeater designed to boost mobile phone signal strength for emergency workers in areas of poor reception
  • The ability for up to 20 disaster victims to plug in and charge their mobile phones
  • Access to our Fixed Wireless network

It’s hoped that these new features, along with those already found on our Road Muster fleet, will add valuable relief assistance for Australians affected by natural disasters by opening up lines of communication across a broad range of devices, both mobile and wi-fi based.

Check your address to see when you can switch.

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