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Watch: Australia's super connected jobs of the future

In part two of our Future of Work series, demographer Bernard Salt explains how increased connectivity and digital disruption will impact Australia's workforce of tomorrow.

What will our economy look like in the future? And how will this shape the way our workforce operates? 

In the Super Connected Jobs report - commissioned by nbn - demographer Bernard Salt examines our workforce and looks at how it's expected to evolve with the rollout of the nbn™ network, and beyond.

The report reveals the distinct skill sets that represent Australia’s future jobs in the digital age and the sectors that will experience the biggest growth leading up to 2030.

Read all about the "workers of the future" in part 1 of this series.

But what's the expected scale of this growth, and what are the trends to watch for?

  • Key findings of the report are:

  • Three million more jobs by 2030: With three million new jobs since 2000, it is likely the Australian workforce will increase by another three million more workers in the next 15 years to 2030. 

  • A culture of entrepreneurialism: The rise of new technology and digital disruption will facilitate a level of entrepreneurialism unlike ever before. 

  • It's not only about 'robot polishers': While the invention of the motorcar created jobs in car cleaning, future jobs won’t mean everyone suddenly enters the robot cleaning business.

    Jobs of the future will stem from what is in most demand due to changing skill sets, population increase and the potential for ubiquitous access to fast broadband via the nbn™ network.

  • Connectivity the common thread: Connectivity will impact all types of jobs, even those not strictly in the technology space.

    New tools and new ways of communicating will influence all jobs of the future, no matter if you are a teacher, plumber, doctor or photographer.

    Watch the video below to learn more about Australia’s future workforce.

In part three of this series, we shine a light on Technocrats and Specialists - the workers expected to be the driving force behind Australia's future economy. Part three will be published Tuesday, September 22.

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